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Beloit wrestlers third straight League Champions

The Beloit Wrestling team earned the NCAA League title on Thursday in Minneapolis. League champions for Beloit were Mason Fuller, Tate Kadel, Zane Colson, River Paul and Creighton Johnson. Placing second was Landon Kadel, Brennan Walker, and Cameron Konkel. As a team, this is the Beloit Trojan’s third straight league championship. Shown are from left to right, front row: Connor Cosand, Mason Fuller, Hunter Stauffer, Cameron Konkel, Tristan Thompson, River Paul, Zane Colson, Tate Kadel, Cooper Adams. Back row: Landon Kadel, Creighton Johnson, Asa Carr, Brennan Walker, Braden Burks. Beloit will host Regionals in Beloit Feb. 15-16. More results in Beloit Call’s Monday edition.

Ryan Malay courtesy photo

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