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Bowers’ single to release on Tuesday

Caleb Bowers, now known as KJ Bowers, will soon be releasing his talents through a single called "Better Off In The End", tomorrow on Sept. 15.

Bowers says the song is about relationships.

"Some are complicated and from personal as well as others experiences," said Bowers. "I wrote the song with an artist/co-writer in Nashville after I had some trouble with the lyrics. He had some ideas and we collaborated on them to convey the story.

The release will be available on all stream platforms.

Bowers has created small recordings with cover songs and has since built a recording studio, providing demos through Nashville.

"I have invested in some good quality recording gear," Bowers said. "I am now also able to provide private recordings in the evenings and on some weekends."

Bowers, 26, is originally from Concordia and graduated high school in 2012. He has been playing music since he was the age of 12, singing in the choir and then started guitar and writing his own songs. He started taking music seriously after high school. He moved to Topeka for about a year and returned to the area to start performing in 2014, through festivals, bars, and County Fairs, mostly in Concordia, Belleville, and the Hutchinson State Fair in 2015.

After Bowers moved to Nashville in late 2015, he had the opportunity to start working with different inspiring writers.

"A lot of those folks had already cut records and so they were real role models to me," said Bowers. "When you bring half the gradience to the table and have other writers bring the other gradience, I had a good portion of over 20 co-rights while in Nashville."

Along with co-writing, Bowers sold radio advertising for 650-WSM Grand Ole Opry, worked closely with events – including Tracy Lawrence, and has been on radio shows and played in five to six different bands, playin the guitar. Now, in Beloit, not only is his mission to be active as a recording artist and performer but also to provide his talents at Beloit Buick GMC by giving every customer quality service and experience.

Performing mostly rock music with country elements, Bowers also enjoys jazz events.

"It is a different culture of its own," said Bowers. "I like to play jazz. It is very soothing music that one can relax to. As of now, I am still developing my own sounds, so to speak. What I am doing now involves a lot of administrative work so I am teaching myself the process to be a one man act in the sense of doing the writing, marketing, and promotional side. A lot is involved in promoting yourself as an artist unless you are signed. Even then, it's just a bank loan you payback for those services."

Now with his own release, Bowers will be that labeled artist and with new things coming about, he looks forward to starting a solo project in Beloit. He is working closely with the Arts center in Beloit, providing a rehearsal room for him and other acts looking to perfect their craft as a full band in the local area. If interested in how to get involved, contact Caleb at

Beloit Call

P.O. Box 309, Concordia, Ks. 66901

Phone: 785-738-3537