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City Council receives HVAC system review

Gerit Garman representing the engineering firm of Orazem and Scalora Engineering of Manhattan, Kansas gave the city council a review, during the Beloit City Council meeting on Tuesday, on the work needed to be done with the HVAC system at the north campus. His firm has been contracted by the city to review the operational status of the HVAC system and make recommendations.

The system is old, antiquated, and in a state of some disrepair. Heating is provided to five buildings: the Alternative Learning Center, the Boiler House, the Law Enforcement Center, the Early Learning Center – North, and the EMCPC – South. The boiler provides steam for the buildings delivered via a tunnel system.

Garman’s recommendation was to scrap the steam and tunnel system and install stand-alone units in each building. Option #1 has a price of $951,700. Option 2 comes with a price tag of $1,052, 9000. Garman suggested one line of reasoning would be to refurbish one building at a time to make it more financially palatable. The Council will take this information under advisement and deliberate the possibilities.

Stuart Porter, City Engineer, gave the council an update on the water plant/pipeline project. He said the project was basically the same as it has been with a few minor tweaks here and there. He believes the USDA is supportive of Beloit’s application and is pushing it when possible. Porter said the state director has accepted a new position and while his replacement also views application favorably he is new and will take time to take over the program.

Porter said that once funding is approved many things will happen all at once. The key is for the funding to get approved.

Beloit City Manager Jason Rabe reported at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, that Beloit did not qualify for the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) grant to work on Highway 14 north, from where the work ended the last time.

Rabe says KDOT utilizes a new grant process the last two years which they call CCLIP which stands for City Connecting Link Improvement Program. This new program captures the Geometric Improvement category the city utilized previously for the K-14 improvements. Unfortunately, since they have combined several programs into this one CCLIP program, the remaining parts of K-14 don’t score very high.

“This new program has additional safety and pavement condition categories that after the recent upgrades to K-14 cause it to score lower,” said Rabe. “We will keep trying to submit and use some other tactics to hopefully get awarded in the future. Thankfully, most of the needed improvements have been made to the road, it would just be nice to get the road fully updated and aligned.”

City Clerk Mandy Lomax is finishing organizing the material for the auditor to review the 2017 record books. The audit should take place soon.

Terry Bailey, Pawnee Mental Health Board member, spoke to the Council about the process of recovery in mental health treatment. September is Recovery month with folks taking time to consider the role of recovery. The Council signed a Proclamation naming the month of September at Recovery Observation month.

Solomon Valley Economic Development Director Heather Hartman, reported that she is proceeding with the process to enable the City of Beloit to have a summer intern next summer. Interns are usually college juniors or seniors and ambitious and hard working. Hartman reported that community foundation grants in excess of $53,000 were recently awarded.

Tammy Kimminau, Director of the Solomon Valley Transportation program, was present to give her yearly update to the Council. Kimminau told the councilors that since the beginning of the program in June of 2011 until June of 2018, the program has logged 950,000 miles and transported 55,000 people. During fiscal year 2017 SVT drove 138,000 miles while transporting7,000 people. Kimminau expressed high appreciation for the City’s financial contribution which has helped made the program a success.

An Airport Planning Advisory Committee has been appointed after the city received a grant from the FAA to update Beloit’s Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and update the Master Plan. This process is being led by Olsson & Associates and requires a committee to help with the process before engaging the public and council.

The Airport Advisory Committee includes: Travis Lattin, Dave Neubert, Heather Hartman, Tom Naasz, Jason Rinaldo, Jason Rabe, Katie Schroeder.

Most councilors reported receiving positive comments about the new safe routes to school sidewalks.

All councilors were present in Tuesday’s meeting, with the exception of Lee McMillian, who was absent. Also in attendance were Mayor Tom Naasz, City Attorney Katie Schroeder, City Manager Jason Rabe, and City Clerk Amanda Lomax.

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