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Coach Paul earns 200th volleyball win

BELOIT –The Beloit Lady Trojans traveled to compete at Gypsum on Tuesday and defeated Southeast of Saline with two wins over the Trojans in two games of 25-19 25-18 and 25-8 and 25-20. This not only ups the teams record to 20-1 but led to an achievement of Coach Brandy Paul's 200th career win.

This is Paul's seventh season as a head coach and her 14th season as a coach. She started in 2013 as a head coach prior to being an assistant coach to Coach Sylvia Ludwig for seven years (2006-2012).

"I cherished my time under Sylvia Ludwig as she taught me everything I know about volleyball and the love for the game," said Paul. "She was not only my mentor that taught me the game, but also my high school coach that taught me many lifelong lessons."

In 2013, Beloit held 11 wins. They were League Champions and broke the record for the most wins in 2014 at 28-9. Beloit came back to break their record of the most wins in 2015 at 35-7 on the season and were also League Runners-Up, Sub-State Champions and it was a first time appearance for them at State where they placed fourth.

The Lady Trojans held a 34-5 season in 2016 and achieved the Sub-State Runners up title losing to Hesston who went on to place second at State.

Beloit made a second 2017 State appearance. They tied their record for most wins at 35-7 and earned the Sub-State Championship for a State appearance (1-2).

The ladies upped their game last year, 2018 for a 37-6 record as League champions and broke the record for most wins. They went on to capture the Sub-State Championship and were the first team in the history of Beloit volleyball to hang a banner with a 3rd place State finish.

Beloit is now 20-1 overall, undefeated at 8-0 in the League. Since 2016, they have only lost one league game for a 31-1 record and now a Coach Paul 200th win.

"This achievement is possible because of the past, present and future volleyball players and their parents that have put in the many hours, dedication and hard work not just in season but year round," said Paul. "Most important to me are the relationships I have built with the young ladies throughout my years of coaching. These relationships are more memorable than any amount of wins and I will always cherish them. I am thankful for my coaching staff, winter volleyball coaches, administration, and community support. That is really what makes a program successful."

BELOIT – The Beloit Lady Trojans traveled to compete at Gypsum on Tuesday and defeated Southeast of Saline for two added wins. This not only upsped the teams record to 20-1 but led to an achievement of Coach Brandy Paul's 200th career win.

The Lady Trojans were hosts to Wamego and Rock Creek on Thursday and added two more wins to up their season to 22-1. They defeated Wamego in two sets of 25-16 and 25-17 and defeated Rock Creek in three sets of 25-17, 24-26 and 25-22. See more results of these games in Monday's edition of the Beloit Call.

Beloit will now compete in the Concordia tournament on Saturday, Oct. 5.

In game one, Beloit defeated SES in two sets of 25-19 and 25-18.

Shea Larson led the team from behind the net scoring 5 points with 2 ace serves followed by Jessica Meier with 4 points, 1 ace; Jaimie Drum 3 points, 1 ace; Trista Boeve and Hanna Pearson 3 points; Paige Goddard 2 points.

Larson also led the team at the net attacking for 8 kills, 2 blocks, 1 stuff; Pearson 5 kills, 6 blocks, 3 stuffs; Goddard 4 kills, 1 stuff; Travis 3 kills, 1 block; Boeve 2 kills, 1 block.

Meier led on setting up the plays with 10 assists; Travis 9.

Drum led the floor with 10 digs, 7 serve receives; Makenzie Travis 8 digs, 5 receives; Meier and Darby Odle 7 digs, 6 receives; Larson 5 digs, 1 receive; Boeve 4 digs, 5 receives; Goddard 1 dig; Trinity McMillian 3 receives.

The Beloit ladies defeated the Trojans in game two in two sets of 25-8 and 25-20.

Jessica Meier led the team from behind the line scoring 13 points with 2 ace serves; Pearson 9 points, 1 ace; Larson 2 points, 1 ace; Boeve 2 points; Travis 1 point.

Larson led the team at the net with 14 kills, 3 blocks; Pearson 8 kills, 1 stuff; Travis 7 kills, 1 stuff; Boeve 4 kills, 1 stuff; Goddard 3 kills, 1 block, 3 stuffs.

Meier led on setting up the plays with 19 assists; Travis 14 assists; Larson 1.

Drum led on the floor with 13 digs, 7 serve receives; Travis 8 digs, 3 receives; Meier 4 digs, 2 receives; Boeve 3 digs, 7 receives; Odle 2 digs, 4 receives; Larson 2 digs; Goddard 1 dig; Pearson 1 dig.

JV1– 25-14; 25-17 Win:


Reagan Eilert 6 points, 2 ace serves; Chloe Odle 4; Porsche Cooper 2; Trinity McMillan 1 point, 2 ace; Kim Nichols 1 point.


Maddie File 8 blocks, 2 stuff; Halle Budke 4 blocks; Porsche Cooper 2 blocks; Haley Channell 1 block.


Budke and Cooper 4 kills each; Channell 3 kills; File and McMillian 2 kills each; Odle 1 kill.


Odle 9 assists; Nichols 4; McMillian 2; File 1.


Reagan Eilert 13; McMillian 5; Loomis and Cooper 3 each; Nichols 1.

JV2 – 25-23; 21-25; 15-10 Win


Odle 6 points, Cooper 5 points; Nichols 3 points; Reagan Eilert 2 points; McMillian and Hannah Schroeder 1 point each


McMillan and Eilert 7 each; Odle 5; Cooper and Loomis 4 each; Nichols 3; Budke 2; Schroeder 1

Serve Receives:

Eilert 10; Loomis and Odle 8 each; McMillian 5; Budke 3; Nichols, Haleigh Pearson, Taylor Monty 2 each; Cooper 1.


Haley Hilt, Cooper 3 each; Odle, Budke, McMillan, 2 each; File, Loomis, Pearson 1 each.


Odle 1.

C-team– 24-11; 25-7 Win; 25-11; 25-10 Win

Points: Kennedy Adams 15 point, 3 ace serves; Taylor Monty 8 points, 3 ace; Tatem Tietjens/Peters 5 points, 4 ace; Haley Chanell 5 points, 3 ace; Haleigh Pearson 4 points, 2 ace; Lauryn Betts 2 points, 1 ace; Addison Emmot 2 points, 2 ace; Sydney Thompson 2 points; Karody Kadel 1 point, 1 ace


Emmot 6 kills; Pearson and Betts 5 each; Channel 4 kills; Monty 2 kills; Tietjens/ Peters 1 kill.


Tietjens/Peters 10 assists; Adams 8; Pearson 3.


Monty 12; Betts 9; Tietjens-Peters 7; Adams 6; Addalee 6; Pearson 4; Channell and Shelly 3 each; Emmot 2; Kadel and Thompson 1 each.

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