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Commissioners approve purchases and grants

Jason Vetter, County Noxious Weed Supervisor, was present during the Mitchell County Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, due to the Labor Day Monday holiday. Vetter requested permission to purchase a 1,000 gallon nurse tank for use when spraying weeds in the roadside. Currently his tank capacity on his truck is 500 gallons. This allows him to spray 10 or 11 miles of roadside weeds. When the tank empties, he had to return to his shop, mix a new batch of spray, load up his tank and return to where he left off and begin spraying again. This causes a lot of dead time in the spraying process. With this 1,000 gallon tank he can switch to it when the truck tank is empty and continue spraying with no lost time. Vetter has located a 1,000 gallon used tank at Simpson Farm Supply at a cost of $2,500. A similar new tank is priced at $6,000. Vetter told the commissioners he has money in his equipment budget to buy the tank. The commissioners approved the purchase.

– Three Neighborhood Revitalization Grants were presented. One was to Central Valley Ag for a $1,300,000 grain dryer. The second grant was to Slate Hills Feeders for a 480’ x 50’ cattle feeding shed at a price of $661,046. The third grant was to Cole and Collen Eberle for a 30’ x 50’ 17’ commercial studio costing $115,000. All three grants were approved.

– Eric Hamel, Emergency Medical Service director, asked permission to purchase three mounting arms to secure work areas for the laptop computers in the ambulances. This will provide a stable work surface for the personnel while on the move.

Hamel requested a five minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. No actions were taken as a result of this closed session.

– Kathy Webster, president of the Pawnee Mental Health Board of Directors, appeared to request the commissioners to sign a proclamation declaring the month of September as Mental Health Recovery month in Mitchell County. The commissioners approved the proclamation.

– Cortney Murrow, Mitchell County Health Administrator, gave the commissioners an update of the status of the Covid-19 in Mitchell County. She reported there are currently 10 people on the active list in Mitchell County. She believes some of them will drop off the list soon. She announced that flu shots are now available. When asked the status of her office Murrow said, “Currently everything is going well, but the week is young.”

All commissioners were present as was the county clerk.

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