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County to purchase Carrico John Deere

Dale Housh, Superintendent of Public Works, addressed the county commissioners Monday morning to get a final decision in regard to the purchase of a skid steer machine. His employees had “test drove” a John Deere, a Bobcat, and a Case-IH machine and liked the Bobcat and the John Deere machines but were not impressed with the Case. He said the backhoe attachment used on the current machine will not work on any of the proposed ones.

After discussing the pros and cons of each machine, the commissioners voted to purchase the John Deere which will be supplied by Carrico’s. At $37,111 it is $3,000 more than the Bobcat. The commissioners believed buying locally has some merit and that service should be quicker from a local vendor. The stated price also includes a backhoe attachment. When asked by Commissioner Tom Claussen if he had money in his budget to purchase the new machine, Housh assured him he had money in the budget to do so.

Housh said the road crews will start with overlay work on the Feedlot Road, otherwise known as Jasmine Trail and also reported that he had two new employees, Leon Engelbert and Leo Eilert.

The commissioners and Housh discussed road damage done by truck traffic in the county. The heavier loads carried by the bigger trucks result in the roads taking a beating. There are reports from all across the county of ruts being cut in the gravel and hard surfaced roads. Higher yields per acre and larger equipment will continue to put stress on the roads. Housh said they are attempting to fix the problems as quickly as possible but said this will be an ongoing problem.

– A Neighborhood Revitalization Grant was approved for Heritage Farms for a 50’x100’ metal building in the amount of $45,000.

– Commissioners Mike Cooper was named the voting delegate at the upcoming Kansas Association of Counties meeting.

The commissioners took time to acknowledge the Mitchell County Fair. They expressed their regrets that the carnival was absent but it seemed as if folks had fun anyway. They observed that the attendance was good and singled out the Fair Board for a job well done.

The commissioners took time to consider the quote supplied to the county for employee dental insurance by Delta Dental. After examining the pluses and minuses of Delta over Blue Cross they were not highly motivated to make the change.

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