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Earthquakes shake close to home

Overall questions continue to arise

A 7.1 earthquake shook on Friday, July 5. The newest quake's epicenter was about 10 miles north-northeast of Ridgecrest, Calif., about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. It follows the back-to-back 6.4 quake that occurred on Thursday, in the same Ridgecrest area which experienced over 100 aftershocks. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Thursdays earthquake is now being considered a foreshock to Friday's larger event.

"Every earthquake makes another earthquake more likely and that's what we are seeing right here," Caltech seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones said on Friday. "The first one is often not the biggest one."

Reba (Liggett) Miller, originally from Mankato, Kansas now lives in Tujunga, Calif., on the north side of Los Angeles. This was the second quake she, her husband Ross and their 11 month old son Calvin, felt in the last two days. The first quake was the 6.4 tremor on July 4 that was centered in the same area.

"On Thursday, we were in our back yard working and we heard the whole house creak," said Reba.

After Friday's 7.1 shake, Reba said she was holding Calvin on the couch and was rooted to the spot.

"The whole house just started rolling with the wave," said Reba. "I've heard that the likelihood of having a bigger earthquake after two like this is slim, but I've also heard big ones like these just build up pressure for a bigger one down the line. Everyone here is still saying the 'big one' is coming. I'm trying to stay positive that those were it, but I'm for sure getting my emergency earthquake kit together after this. Personally, I'd take a Kansas tornado over an earthquake any day."

After closer observation, Reba said she noticed her sons changing table was shaken loose from the wall anchor in his room.

"I walked in later Saturday and saw one side was three inches from the wall," said Reba. "So far, that is the only noticeable damage we have received."

Oddly enough, the Jewell county area where Reba grew up, are no strangers to feeling some effects of earthquakes on a smaller scale.

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