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Fire alarms St. John’s High on light fixture burn

BELOIT –The Beloit Fire department was dispatched to St. John's High School around 9:25 a.m., early Monday morning for an electrical fire.

According to St. John's Vice Principal Joe Holdren, janitor Mr. Meyer smelled electrical burning as he entered the gymnasium. Principal Marcy Kee called Holdren who came from the grade school and viewed a light fixture on fire. The students and staff were quickly led outside of the building and the fire was put out with an extinguisher.

The fire was out as the fire department arrived. They cleared all of the smoke and made sure the fire was contained before students resumed class around an hour and a half later.

"Their was small damage on the floor and light fixture damage," said Holdren. "The teachers, staff and students did great doing what they were directed to do."

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