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Great Plains Landscape grows strong

Celebrating 40th business anniversary through 41 years of marriage

Just as Kenny and Joyce Benedick's marriage has flourished, so has their Great Plains Landscape business in their 40 years of business.

Ken came to Beloit in 1977 to work for Fred Deneke and Jamie Nierighter at Willow Springs Nursery, west of town where the Solomon Valley Veterinary business is now located. Ken was still finishing his graduate degree at Kansas State University and so drove back and fourth on weekends.

Both Ken and Joyce graduated from KSU in Landscape Architecture in 1978. Ken also holds a Horticulture degree.

"I thought of it as, not an obligation to gain another degree, but as an opportunity."

The couple are originally from Wichita and lived only three and a half miles from each other, not even knowing the other existed. That all changed when meeting in college.

"I'll never forget when I asked her if she needed a ride back home for the Thanksgiving holidays. When there, I asked her to go to a movie and she said yes. It all started from there and continues now and each day," said Ken.

Ken moved to Beloit in 1977 and Joyce joined him in 1978, following their marriage. From there, Great Plains Landscape opened in 1979, operating from their home south of Beloit. The couple lived in a house with no electricity, no running water, no furnace or central air for two years before moving to where they now live. There, they heated their home with wood and had no central air until three years ago.

"We have never taken things for granted since," said Ken. "We live within our own means, always have, and have a passion for what we do. My wife is the most forth right honest person I know. As in both our marriage and our business, we endeavor, work, create something to keep focus from the negative and turn into a positive."

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