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Keever Brothers Auto opens their doors

Former NCK Tech student now gives back

Keever Brothers Automotive is now open for business in Beloit and are looking forward to meeting the community and to learn how best they can serve their customers.

After Krone's Service Center closed their doors of 30 years of service at the 201 S. Campbell location, the Keever's will now continue that same family atmosphere as they opened their doors last Wednesday.

Elijah and Lara Keever started the Keever Auto & Ag business in Lincoln, Kan. on May 1, 2013. After a successful run, they decided to start looking for other communities in North Central Kansas for expansion opportunities.

"We chose Beloit after being advised by several people we have known for some time, that the community was in need," said the couple. "After studying the market, we determined that there was indeed a great need for our services and a great facility available. We closed on the building purchase on April 4 of this year and have been renovating."

Elijah lived in Smith Center through fifth grade before living in Downs his sixth through senior year. He attended Kansas State University for five semesters as an honors student studying Ag Economics then decided to pursue a career in Automotive.

Elijah was trained in Automotive Technology at North Central Kansas Technical College (NCKTC) here in Beloit by Dennis Stewart and Bob Gibbens. He achieved his ASE Master Automotive Technician Certification on December 31, 2013 and now holds a total of 13 ASE Certifications. After graduation, Eli moved to the East Coast, first to Massachusetts then North Carolina, and worked in new car dealerships as an auto technician. His goal even while attending tech school in Beloit was to someday be a shop owner.

"I gained valuable experience and training while working for others," said Elijah. "That experience started while working at Solomon Valley Transmission here in Beloit while attending school to working in a 40 technician Toyota dealership in Raleigh, N.C. After leaving the big dealerships, I operated my own, one-man import repair shop in North Carolina for 3.5 years before I and the family moved back to Kansas in 2010."

Elijah married wife Lara in March 18, 2016 in Massachusetts. Their first child was born almost exactly four years later and the family has since grown with four boys, Noah 9, Jonah 7, Caleb 3 and David 1.

Lara graduated high school in Marlborough, Massachusetts and studied business at UMass for three semesters before getting her Paralegal Certification to work as an executive assistant for 10 years in three different large corporations within legal, retail and development, engineering and marketing departments. After her first pregnancy, she became a stay at home mom and now helps manage the Keever's business.

The Keever family now have businesses that their four boys can be a part of some day, should they choose.

"Lincoln is not large enough to afford them that opportunity," says the couple. "We hope to grow our business to include multiple locations by the time our boys are of working age. The second reason for our business is that we love living in rural Kansas and we are determined to provide top-quality, up-to-date auto repair services to the rural communities we serve. This commitment requires an ever increasing amount of technical knowledge and specialized equipment. The volume of work needed to support that investment is difficult to achieve in a small town. We think we have found the solution to providing the services people need for their late model vehicles at an affordable price. Operating in more than one market and sharing resources and expertise amongst our locations enables us to have the technology and talent we need at a price our customers can afford."

Keever Brothers Automotive will provide full service, bumper to bumper, mechanical repairs on automobiles and trucks up through one ton pickups.

"We are also able to do maintenance and light repair on medium duty trucks but we will not be offering full repair services on them," said Elijah. "We will not be working on heavy duty trucks or other equipment."

Services provided will include: oil changes, batteries, tires, transmission service, steering and suspension repairs, AC service, cooling system service, engine and transmission repair, check engine light diagnostics, brake repairs, starters, alternators, wheel bearings, electrical repairs and all minor services like light bulbs, wipers, and tire repairs.

"As of right now, the only mechanical service we are not prepared to offer is wheel alignment.," said Elijah. "But we will be adding it in the near future."We have a Fast Lane service that provides basic services like oil changes, tire rotations, battery replacement, check engine light scans, bulb replacement, and wiper replacement. With this service, we do not require an appointment to have your car serviced in the Fast Lane and we have a comfortable lobby with TV, Wifi, and refreshments available if you want to wait. We also offer complimentary customer drop-off or vehicle pickup and delivery in city limits."

Keever's ( open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. They currently employ four full time and one part-time in Beloit and look to add two more full and one part-time employees starting the first week of September for a full staff of six.

"We really do believe that we are offering a service that will improve the community without taking away from any existing businesses," said Elijah. "We've experienced a very warm reception by the community thus far and we look forward to many years of common success. We thank the community for all of the encouragement and help we have received and we hope to build a business they can be proud of."

For more information, call 785-738-5135.

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