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Mass communication expense discussed

MCHHS willing to transfer Conroy Building to the county

David Dohe, Director of Emergency Management, discussed mass communication software with the commissioners at their regular weekly meeting at the courthouse, Monday morning.

Mass Communication software allows the sending of messages to a large number of people at the same time. Examples of how the program might be used could be school closings, active shooter, bad weather, road closings due to emergencies and so forth. There are times when it is advisable to notify everyone in Mitchell County at the same time when a common emergency is taking place. By subscribing to this service everyone would be notified at the same time regarding the emergency. Patrons could chose being notified by email, text, or voice mail. There is no charge for Mitchell County residents to sign up for this service.

Dohe pointed out that perhaps the cities or school districts of Mitchell County might participate to help bring down the cost to the county. The first year fee for service and set up is $26,420. Money from the SPARK grant could be used for this startup fee. After the first year the cost is $7,500 per year.

Beloit USD 273 currently uses their own Skylert account for mass communication abilities to send messages through voice (phone) email or text, to all enrolled students and parents. – Jeremy Armstrong, Mitchell

– Jeremy Armstrong, Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems CEO was present to discuss ownership of the Conroy Building which houses the Mitchell County Health Department.

Armstrong said the hospital would be willing to transfer ownership of the Conroy Building to the county.

Currently it costs the hospital about $30,000 a year to own the building. By transferring ownership of the building to the county, the hospital would save money and the county would own the building where the Health Department is located. It would be a mutually beneficial action.

– Cortney Murrow, Mitchell County Health Administrator, requested the commissioners purchase an electronic medical record system that also does billing, named CHAMP.

The current system used is primarily a billing system. This would replace the current billing system with an electronic health record system.

The original quoted price for the system was $28,193. The amount after negotiations is now $15,472. This includes implementation and training, the first year subscription, a 5-year price guarantee, and a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop with keyboard.

SPARK money could pay for the first year’s fees and set up expenses.

Commissioners approved the purchase of the program.

– Dohe told the commissioners that Mitchell County will host a fire school on Sept. 12-13. It was scheduled to be held at the North Central Kansas Technical College but Covid-19 concerns have made that impossible. They are looking for alternative locations for the school.

– There is some interest in reviving the Mitchell County dive team. At one time Mitchell County had a strong team but is was disbanded a number of years ago. Anyone interested in finding out more about the rescue dive team should contact Dohe at the Emergency Management office.

– Wanda Backstrum, Director of the 12th Judicial District Community Corrections, gave her yearly report to the commissions via ZOOM. The benchmark is for the program to have a 75 percent success rate. They ended up the year with a 77 percent success rate. Backstrum said the people in her office have been remotely working since March 18. She said their drug testing program has been compromised by the Covid-19 testing. Everyone needing to be tested for drugs were testing positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Having addressed all the items on the printed agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

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