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Ozmun celebrates 100 years at Hilltop

Lucile Butts Ozmun celebrated her 100th birthday with a two day celebration, one on Sunday afternoon, and one on the afternoon of her actual birthday, Monday, Nov. 16. Both were covid-style “window visits” at Hilltop Lodge in Beloit.

Partyers had a tent with festive balloons, to stand and sit in as they visited with Lucile along with a Hilltop room arranged for “window visits.” A microphone set up on the inside and outside allows communication though a window that separates the visitors.

Though some things were very different from all of her other 99 birthdays, some things were the same. Party whistles and the singing of 'Happy Birthday' brought a smile to the face of the honoree.

Lucille spent most of her life in Jewell County. She was born during the world-wide Spanish Flu pandemic and observed her birthday during the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic. During her life-time she lived through the Dirty 30's, saw the rise and fall of Hitler during the World War II years, the beginning and end of the Cold War, and a man walk on the moon. She saw farming with horses and mules and farming with huge four-wheel drive tractors.

The Covid-19 style visit and party tent were organized by her son, Ralph Ozmun and his wife Lulu, from Tennessee. Several came from a distance to bring special greetings including Larry and Lisa Divel came from Abilene; Ken Thompson from Oklahoma; Ed and Linda Perdue from Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Ralph and Lulu Ozmun from Tennessee. A special guest was June Abram Butts, Lucile’s sister-in-law who is also a resident of Hilltop Lodge

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