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Responsible pet ownership is key

The City of Beloit continues to update its City Code to best meet the needs of its citizens. Recently, the Animal Code was revised and updated. Along with familiarizing yourselves with the updates to the code, pet owners within the city should take this opportunity to make sure you are correctly following city laws. Remember, our City Code can be accessed online at

It is important to note that the key to keeping your fellow citizens safe is to make yourself a responsible pet owner. Keep only the type and number of pets for which you can provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and companionship. Spay/neuter your pets to limit reproduction. Make sure your pet receives vaccinations. Lastly, be a good neighbor – this includes noise control, keeping your animal on your property, and cleaning up after your pet.

Licensing of dogs:

All dogs are required to be registered with the city. The city now has lifetime dog registration, which is free of charge. This is a simple process which can be completed online or at City Hall. Dog owners should have their dog’s shot records available when registering.

Number of Dogs:

The maximum number of dogs per residence in the city of Beloit continues to be three dogs. Remember, each dog must be registered with the City of Beloit.

Dogs running at large:

Dogs running at large continues to be the most common complaint for the City’s Animal Control office.

Dogs are considered running at large if they are not properly inside a fence, tethered away from the right of way, on a leash, or under the voice control and directly at the side of their owner/custodian. This is a slight change to the previous animal code. Any dog being walked and not on a leash must remain at the side of its owner/custodian at all times. Dogs which are unable to do so must be on a leash.

Fine schedule:

Because of the increased number of repeat offenders in Municipal Court for dogs running at large, failing to register dogs, and animal nuisances, the fines for animal offenses have increased and will increase with each subsequent offense. Any offender convicted of five or more animal code violations in a five-year period will be prohibited from owning any animal within the city for a three-year period following the fifth conviction.

Dangerous dogs:

A dog will be declared dangerous if it has bitten, attacked, or harmed a human or if it has attacked or bitten a domestic animal in a vicious or threatening manner. In addition to fines in Municipal Court, if a dog is declared dangerous, the dog owner must follow strict requirements to keep the animal such as paying a registration fee, additional confinement requirements, microchipping, signage, insurance, etc. The city has enacted an appeal process if any resident does not agree with the dangerous dog declaration.

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