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Shop Kansas Farms Facebook site goes viral

KANSAS – A Facebook site has gone viral after Rick McNary started a website called Shop Kansas Farms, amid warnings of meat shortages across the United States.

McNary isn't a farmer, but wanted to stress the point that there are other outlets provided across the state of Kansas.

"Farmers are the ones that feed us and they have the solutions and the most powerful thing that farmers do, is build community," said McNary.

In the social media group, farmers, ranchers and gardeners can share what they grow and produce. In return, consumers reach out and get those products within the state of Kansas to purchase in the United States.

McNary says, "The idea of helping each other in times of need is what they do. It's not unusual, and that they can help others in this time, is tremendously important, and I also think what we are seeing now is key to rural revitalization."

There are already more than 85,000 members asking for things like beef, vegetables and poultry. Many producers are even offering delivery.

On the site, McNary says he created the group to connect Kansans so they can purchase meat, dairy, veggies and other homegrown products for human consumption right from the people who grow it.

"If you are a farmer/rancher with something to sell, please post your location and whether you ship or are just local pickup.

If those who wish to participate have legal questions, they are to contact the Kansas Department of Agriculture at contact-us

To find the group, type in Shop Kansas Farms on Facebook and ask to join.

From beef, poultry, pork, buffalo meat, vegetables and honey among a few, farmers and ranchers are participating in helping keep Kansas local and inside the United States.

The local Farmers Market goers will also be starting at the end of May, so always remember to first, check your options to always shop local.

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