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Supporting Hometown Healthcare launches

Annual campaign to support Mitchell County Hospital

BELOIT – The Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems’ (MCHHS) annual giving campaign, Supporting Hometown Healthcare, launched on Monday, Sept. 24 and will run for six weeks through Saturday, Nov. 3. The Mitchell County Regional Medical Foundation(MCRMF) will lead this annual campaign that aides in sustaining quality healthcare close to home.

“As a healthcare organization, we strive to maintain a commitment to excellence – and to treat all patients with respect and compassion; to offer them the most advanced, most effective medical treatments and technologies available; to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care; and to respond to their ever-changing healthcare needs. This was the vision of our past community healthcare providers and for over 90 years MCHHS physicians, nurses and staff have successfully upheld this vision, a fact that is evident in the hospital’s consistently high patient-satisfaction ratings.”

In 2017, MCRMF together with the support of our community successfully raised over $50,000 that was then matched by The Mitchell County Hospital Endowment for a total of over $103,000. These funds were stewarded by MCRMF back into their health system to purchase critical equipment and healthcare investments for our hospital and community. Two of the purchases made last year included:

Drager Resuscitaire Infant Warmer-The infant warmer is an important addition to the nursery featuring a warming therapy platform as well as all the components needed for clinical emergency and resuscitation. The new infant warmer will be highly utilized as MCHHS delivers over 100 babies per year in their obstetrics and nursery department. The MCHHS Auxiliary supported the campaign with focus of purchasing this important piece of equipment for local hospital.

MRI/CT Sedation Services-MCHHS has provided sedation services allowing patients to undergo sedation during MRI/CT treatments. During the 2017-2018 year the equipment needed to do this important procedure went down forcing the hospital to send patients to Salina to receive these types of services. Through work with Hospital Administration and the Hospital Board and the funds that community members donated to the past campaign, MCRMF helped restore these sedation services for the Beloit and surrounding communities.

The business of running and keeping a hospital financially viable has come under great pressure. Over the course of the last decade over 800 hospitals across the US, including more than 20 in Kansas were forced to close.

The bottom line, hospitals are providing services without being reimbursed for the cost of these services. Kansas hospitals – including MCHHS – continue to provide services many times at loss. Given these realities, even the finest financial performance could never generate the dollars needed to support capital needs as well as the many changes that must be made to keep the hospital providing the best healthcare possible.

Advances in technology and increased consumer healthcare needs require hospitals to reexamine their facility, equipment, and technology to adequately respond to current and future demands. MCHHS is at a crossroad. To continue offering the services expected of today’s healthcare organizations and to remain competitive in the rural healthcare field MCHHS must look into all funding options.

MCRMF will be seeking $50,000 in immediate, pledged, and deferred gifts payable over the next year. Gifts received will increase our ability to provide the funds for the much needed equipment, programs and services for the future. An exciting challenge to this campaign will be a dollar for dollar match to all gifts given from the Mitchell County Hospital Endowment. MCHHS asks for the help of friends, supporters, and all others for whom healthcare service, programs, and immediate emergency care are important matters for their loved ones and their families.

“On behalf of Mitchell County Hospital and MCRMF, we are asking our community to give thoughtful consideration to a charitable donation to this campaign. MCRMF hopes you will join us and others in making an investment for continued healthcare services in our community for the people who live and work in Mitchell County and neighboring communities,” said MCRMF. “The Foundation would like to thank Supporting Hometown Healthcare donors and all those who dedicate their time and efforts to our health system. It truly takes a community to keep quality healthcare close to home.”

Please take time to contact the Medical Foundation to discuss questions and options in giving. During the six week campaign there will be opportunities to connect and learn through events and one-on-one discussions. Contact MCRMF today to discuss your gift at (785) 738-9493 or email Director Stephanie Simmons at Visit for more information on the Supporting Hometown Healthcare campaign and electronic giving options. Thank you for your support of

Hometown Healthcare.

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