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“Four hours in the life of a baby boy”

When the phone on my desk rang late, it caught me scanning newspaper ads in search of a used car. I had no idea that call would send me on an unforgettable journey. The caller told me his sister had given birth that day to a baby boy who lived only four hours. He asked if I would visit her the next day to comfort and encourage her. “Where is she?” I asked. “She’s at Providence Hospital in Detroit,” he replied. After assuring my caller I would see his grieving sister the next day, I returned to my auto search and soon spotted an Olds Cutlass Supreme. A call to the owner brought a tempting description of the car but the price was more than I could pay. “Where do you live?” I enquired, the price making me question my question. “Near Providence Hospital in Detroit,” he replied. Providence hospital is about thirty miles south of my home and I had never visited anyone there so it interested me that I should suddenly have two reasons to go to that area on the same day. “I have to go to Providence Hospital tomorrow,” I told this hopeful seller,” so I may come and look at your car.” The following morning found me making my way through metro Detroit traffic on my way to Providence Hospital where I ministered to a troubled mother. Assuring her of God’s love, I reminded her of the hope of heaven through faith in the One who always had time for little children and left her somewhat comforted. Walking across the hospital parking lot, I wondered if it was worthwhile to look at the car I had called about the previous night. But then I spied an Olds Cutlass Supreme parked near and there was no turning back. When I arrived at the address given in my phone conversation with the owner, I was impressed. This car certainly appeared to be in great shape and shortly we were off for a test drive. Then the miracle began to unfold. Our conversation started as might have been expected with each of us asking what the other did for a living. When he found that I was a minister, he told me about the faith of his family. His wife, he said went to church regularly, as did her parents. “Do you go?” I asked. “Once in a while,” he muttered. When we finished our drive, I made an offer on the car. “I can’t sell this car for that price,” he said. “I didn’t think you could,” I responded, but I’m not sure I’m here to buy your car.” Then I explained how he could have a personal faith relationship with God. And within minutes, I heard this formerly faithless man thank God for forgiveness and eternal life. Soon he and his wife were hugging and rejoicing in his newfound faith. As I prepared to leave, talking to this new man through the rolled down window of my old car, I said, “When you get to heaven, you must look up a little boy who only lived four hours,” explaining that his short life had brought us together. Many years have passed since that miracle morning, but I’m still aware that we’re to share our faith with all who God, in His providence, sends our way. Roger Campbell was an author, a broadcaster and columnist who was a pastor for 22 or on FACEBOOK@YOURFAITHADVENTURE.COM

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