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KDOT announces approved May bids

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in Kansas. The letting took place May 20, 2020, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

Draining my battery to support others

Dear Annie: Caring for my 91-year-old mother is taking a toll on me. For the past five years, I have made sure my elderly parents were doing well. My father battled bladder cancer for over 25 years, but in the end, cancer won out big time. I quit my teaching job to help support my mother with his care. My father passed four years ago. My mother did OK but became dependent on me.

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: My neighbor "Charlie" is a chatterbox. He only works part-time and is home for the day by 11 a.m. For most of the afternoon, he hangs out in his front yard, talking to passersby. Anytime I run into him, it turns into a 20-minuteplus rambling conversation about all sorts of topics and people I don't know. I avoid taking out the trash some nights because I don't want to get stuck outside talking to him. Sometimes, I peek outside, see he's not there and think the coast is clear -- but then he rushes outside once I do. His family has a motionactivated "smart" security camera on the front of their house that I set off going down my driveway.

Dear Annie

I am a 71- year-old husband, father and grandfather. I have a wonderful wife, five children (three are step-children), and grandchildren whom I love very much. However, in my distant past were some very dark and hurtful times. They involved a divorce, an estranged daughter due to the divorce and the crushing feeling that I was not the honorable man I'd thought I was.


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