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Beloit advance over Haven in double OT victory

Trojans to face Hoisington in Sub-state action at home

The Beloit High School Trojans were on the road to Haven Friday night for the Sectional round of the 2A playoffs against the Wildcats and came up with the win after a double overtime victory.

Haven entered the playoff games for the first time since 1976 and their last winning season in 2001 at 8-2. They showed up with an impressive team and an ended this season at 8-3.

Beloit is now 5-6 and will face Hoisington in the Sub-State action (for another appearance since 2013) on Friday with the hometown advantage and an earlier 6 p.m. kickoff. The Trojans lost to Hoisington during a regular season game, 26-20, on Oct. 23.

After the Trojans held a slow start in the season, they have only continued to impress their fans as they have fought their way to this weeks Sub-State game. They entered Friday's game without teammates Brycn Corbett and Caylen Chancellor due to injury with other team players stepping up to the challenge to fill in the gaps to keep the season going.

"Our kids battled all night against a great team," said Beloit Coach Brad Gober. "We played physical football all night and really wore them down as the night progressed. I’m really excited for our guys. We can’t wait to host Hoisington this week for a chance to play for a state title!"

Both teams traded possessions in the first quarter ending with Beloit to start off the second quarter before Haven found their way into the endzone at the 8:16 mark for the first touchdown of the game. Beloit quickly came back to score at the 8:05 mark to tie it up at 6-6. The Trojan defense held the Wildcats from the endzone for the remaining half and added another touchdown at the 1:58 mark.

Beloit received the kickoff to open the first quarter from the 9 to the 24 yard line for the 1st down. Benson Berndt carried on the first drive and again for a short gain to the 26 yard line for the 3rd and 8. Owen Eilert handed off to Anthony Henke for a loss and Beloit was forced to punt after 3 short carries.

Mason Fuller's kick positioned Haven at the Beloit 47 yard line and Darby Roper was stopped at the 43 yard line by senior Hunter Prochaska. Roper ran before throwing to Hunter Galloway on an incomplete pass but Roper gained on the next 8 yards to the 36 for the 1st down. Nathan Schmidt was stopped by the Trojans defense on the following play.

Belot's defense led to no yards on an incomplete pass but Roper fought his way to the 19 yard line for another 1st down.

Braden Burks and Brennan Walker quickly stopped the following play before Schmidt carried to the Trojan 10 yard line. Branson Hiserote made the next key play for the tackle to regain possession for Beloit at the 6:55 mark.

Berndt gained to the 13 on the first carry but was stopped at the 15 with the blocking of Maddox Waters on the offensive line. Eilert's throw to Walker landed Beloit on the 30 yard line for the 1st down. Berndt plowed his way to the 36 for the 2nd and 4 but Berndt was pushed back to the 34 on the following play at the 3:30 mark.

Another short carry to the 37 led to the next Haven penalty flag for a Trojan gain to the 42. Henke gained to the 49 and gained to the 51 for the 2nd and 3. Berndt made his way to the Haven 47 yard line for the 1st down with 1:00 on the clock. Berndt carried to the 45 as the clock ran down with Beloit still in possession, ending the quarter.

On the 2nd and 8, Henke was stopped short at the opening of the second quarter. Eilert threw long but the play was not there for the 4th and 6 at the Wildcat 43 yard line. Eilert once again threw long to Walker but the play was knocked out by Haven as the Wildcats took over at their own 43 yard line.

Roper threw to Galloway to the 48 yard line on their first play of the possession and a fake handoff to Schmidt was carried to the 44 before Cameron Konkel stopped the play for Beloit.

Walker made the Trojan tackle to stop the next Haven carry to the 43 for the 2nd and 8.

Roper carried to the 37 before a Prochaska solo tackle and a pass to the outside was stopped by Fuller but not before a Haven 1st down placement. Roper was stopped by Prochaska after a carry of 2 yards but Roper found the hole for the run into the endzone on the following play for the first touchdown of the game and the Wildcat lead, 6-0 at the 8:16 mark. Roper held the ball again but Walker made sure he was stopped for no PAT and Haven led the game by 6.

Jackson Rexroat fell on the onside kick to place the Trojans on the 50 yard line at the start of their possession. The Beloit offensive line blocked big time for Berndt on the following carry as he made his way towards the 55 yard touchdown run. Walker caught the extra point conversion but the ball was knocked out on a hard hit, calling it no good as the game was tied up at 6-6 with 8:05 showing.

The Beloit kickoff was caught by Haven for a return to their own 30 at the 7:45 mark. Roper was met by Rexroat and Walker after a gain of 3 yards for the 3rd and 7 and Henke sacked for the loss of 2 yards at the 31. The snap was high above the trees for the Wildcats as Roper retrieved the ball and threw long but a penalty flag was thrown towards Haven for the lost possession.

Beloit took over at the 6:35 mark at their own 31 yard line. Henke carried to the 28 for the 3rd and 6 and Berndt was stopped at the 25 for the 4th and 3 at the 4:42 mark. Haven jumped off sides and gave the Trojans the 1st down with a placement to the 20 yard line and Henke carried to the 17.

Eilert held the ball and was tackled for a loss of 2 and Berndt carried to the 16 for a 4th and 6 at the 2:03 mark.

After the Coach Brad Gober time-out, Eilert came out with the long throw (his 10th pass of the season) downfield to Tristan Thompson for the catch and Beloit's second touchdown. The extra point conversion fell short and the Trojans extended their lead, 12-6, with 1:58 remaining in the first half.

Haven started their next possession at their own 22 yard line before Galloway caught the ball at the 40. Another pickup of 3 was stopped by Burks and Eilert stopped the next tackle for the 3rd and 2. Hiserote and Burks stopped Roper on the carry at the Trojan 49 and Burks stopped the following play on the Wildcat 1st down with only :43 seconds to play.

Ropers throw was complete to the 55 yard line but a penalty flag moved them back to the 30. The Wildcats carried to the 28 and Grady Seyfert and Walker were there for the key stop.

On the following play, Roper held time on the field looking for an outlet and threw on the 26 yard pass play that was complete but Thompson provided a key stop at the 1 yard line as the buzzer sounded. After an aggressive spiked football caused a penalty flag for the unsportsmanlike penalty, the players made their way into the locker room for the Beloit 12-6 lead.

In the second half summary, Haven entered the field in the second half quickly scoring on an impressive Roper run downfield on the 73 yard carry into the endzone to tie up the game at 12-12 at the 11:35 mark. Walker scored on Eilert's next touchdown pass to extend the Beloit lead at 18-12 with just :15 second remaining in the third quarter. Roper scored on a 15 yard touchdown run to tie up the game once again 18-18 at the 4:08 mark in the 4th quarter and the game remained tied resulting in the OT play. Henke ran in the first touchdown of overtime play and he pushed his way through for the extra point as Beloit extended their lead 26-18. Haven quickly returned the favor as Roper made his way into the endzone for the 26-26 tie throwing the game into overtime. Camero Konkel made the key play of the game for the tackle to push back Schmidt from just inches for the score. Beloit scored the winning touchdown from Henke for the 32-26 victory.

Fuller's squib kick was placed at Haven's own 27 yard line placement to open the third quarter. The long 35 yard pass was broken up by Owen Eilert on the first pass play but Roper faked his was cutting in and out for a 73 zig zag touchdown at the 11:35 mark. The PAT pass was picked off by Henke and the game was now tied up again at 12-12.

Thompson received the kickoff for Beloit's 35 yard placement on their next possession and Berndt was pushed back to the 34 by the determined Wildcats. Eilert handed off to Berndt but was stopped short by Skylar Shingleton for the Trojan 32 yard placement. A lost ball off the snap was recovered by Berndt to the 32 for the Trojan punt on the loss of gains.

Fuller punted for the Haven 33 yard placement. A gain to the 35 for the 2nd and 8 was followed with another Roper carry to the 52 before Burks and Prochaska made the stop for the 1st down. Schmidt was stopped by Eilert at the Beloit 39. Tate Kadel made the tackle for a loss to the 40 and Roper threw long on the covered pass for the 1st down to the 19 but another flag plagued the Wildcats for the 45 yard line placement for the 4th and 16. Haven was held short and Beloit regained possession on lost yards at the 6:41 mark.

Berndt carried to the Haven 47 yard line and again to the 42 for the 1st down. Berndt pushed his way to the 37 for the 2nd and 5 and again to the 33 just short of the 1st down. The chains were brought out to rule the Beloit 1st down at the 3:47 mark and a pass to Henke was incomplete. Berndt gained to the 30 for the 3rd and 7 with 3:00 showing before he carried to the 12 on the 18 yard gain for another 1st down. Berndt was tackled for a loss of 2 on the next carry but he gained to the 11 on the following play. Henke was met for the stop of no gain for the 4th and 9 with just :35 seconds running off the clock. Eilert found Walker for the touchdown pass but a penalty flag was thrown for Beloit penalty and the placement at the 17 yard line for the extra points. The pass was incomplete for the failed PAT and the Beloit led the game 18-12 with :15 seconds remaining.

Waters and Burks tackled on the kick receive for the Haven 31 yard line placement before Schmidt carried to their own 39 yard line ending the third quarter.

Fuller knocked off the pass to open the fourth quarter Haven possession but Schmdit carried to the Trojan 30.

Hiserote made the next key fumble recovery for the Beloit regained possession on their own 19 yard line at the 11:30 mark. Berndt carried to the 29 but was held for no gain on the following play. Berndt carried to the 40 off a Prochaska block for a 1st down at he 10:04 mark but was pushed back to the 38 on the following play.

On the 2nd and 12, Beloit gained to the 42. Eilert pulled back to throw but the pass to Prochaska was covered and batted away as the Trojans were forced to punt at the 8:28 mark.

Fuller punted 45 yards for the Haven 13 yard line placement. Beloit stopped the Wildcats on their first play and Prochaska and Seyfert stopped the following play for a short gain of 2.

Roper once again cut back and forth on the next carry for the 1st down at the Beloit 37 yard line for a 44 yard gain. Schmidt carried to the 25 before Burks and Walker stopped the run at the 6:01 mark. Rexroat made the next key stop on Roper but not before a gain for the 1st down at the Trojan 15 yard line with 5:40 on the clock.

Burks and Prochaska cut the next runner short for a 1 yard gain to the 14 for the 2nd and 9 and Burks and Walker tackled for a loss to the 15 for the 3rd and 10.

Roper ran on the quarterback keeper for the 15 yard carry into the endzone at the 4:08 mark before a Wildcat timeout on a tied 18-18 game. Ropers throw into the endzone was no good and the game was held at a tie.

Rexroat executed the key squib kick recovery for the Beloit possession as the Trojans were placed on their own 45 yard line. Berndt slipped on his next carry and was taken off the field on an injury after his 31 carries on 136 yards in the game.

Henke picked up the yards as he pushed his way to the Haven 49 yard line for the 3rd and 5 at he 3:15 mark and he carried again for the 1st down to the 43. Henke was tripped up on the next no gain play and Eilert was forced to throw with 1:46 showing. On the 3rd and 9, Henke retaliated as he pushed his way to the 32 yard line and another 1st down as the clock was running down. A short gain of 1 was followed by a downed play by Eilert after a fumbled ball toss for the 37 yard line placement and just :23 seconds remaining in the game.

Eilert was pushed back again for a loss to the 44 yard line as a timeout was in the works.

Eilert's long pass was intercepted by Roper to the Beloit 22 yard line as overtime was set on the clock with Haven on the ball.

Beloit held the first possession and Henke ran a 10 yard run for the first touchdown in OT on the first play. Eilert handed off the Henke who pushed his way in for the extra point conversion and Beloit quickly extended their lead 26-18.

Roper held for the quarterback keeper run into the endzone to quickly score the Wildcat touchdown and Schmidt just made his way in for the PAT as the game was once again tied up at 26-26 for a double overtime game.

At the 1st and goal at the 10 yard line, Schmidt was stopped at the 8 on the first play. Henke and Walker stopped the next play for the 3rd and goal. Roper once again zig zagged his way to the 1 yard line for the 4th and goal and the Wildcats called the timeout.

Schmidt was pushed back by a key Konkel tackle and Rexroat assist to hold Haven out of the endzone and a chance for the big win.

Henke carried to the 5 for the 3rd and goal and another gain just inches from inside the endzone on the 4th and goal but he powered in for the score and the 32-26 win and the chance to advance into the playoffs with a home game advantage against Hoisington on Friday with a 6 p.m kickoff.

Beloit passed for 42 yards and rushed for 187 hards for a total of 229 offensive yards. Haven passed for 80 yards and rushed for 342 yards for a total of 422 offensive yards.

Beloit Rushing:

Benson Berndt 31 carries for 136 yards and 1 touchdown

Anthony Henke 17 carries for 66 yards and 2 touchdowns

Beloit Passing:

Owen Eilert 3-9 passing for 42 yards, 2 touchdowns & 1 interception

Beloit Receiving:

Brennan Walker 2 receptions for 26 yards and 1 touchdown

Tristan Thompson 1 reception for 16 yards and 1 touchdown

Fumble Recovery:

Branson Hiserote


Grady Seyfert; Brennan Walker; Anthony Henke

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