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Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

FIRST FLIGHT: 1st Place ($500) - Justin York’s team of Justin York, Greg Blackwell, Jared Hayes, Shannon Favinger Provided by the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce

FIRST FLIGHT: 2nd Place ($350) Owen Chiropractic team of Rodney Palen, TJ Owens, Jeff Zimmer, Caleb Palen.

FIRST FLIGHT: 3rd Place ($250) First Bank of Beloit team of Aaron Lampert, Krista Lund, Stephanie Chancellor, Dave Dubbert.

SECOND FLIGHT: 1st Place ($500) City of Beloit team of Jeff Brown, Adam Mosher, Trevor Stuma, Jason Rabe

SECOND FLIGHT: 2nd Place ($350) Nathan Lund team of Ian Frasier, Jaqui Frasier, Nathan Lund, Josh Fixin.

SECOND FLIGHT: 3rd Place ($250) Jake Reiling team of Conner Hulett, Jeff Backstrom. Jake Reling, Joey Purpura.

Beloit Call

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Phone: 785-738-3537