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Beloit boys pull ahead for the Southeast of Saline win

BELOIT – The Beloit Trojans upped their season to 13-3 as they were host to Southeast of Saline onTuesday. Beloit will now travel to play Russell on Friday. Beloit defeated the Broncos earlier in the season 82-58.

Southeast outscored Beloit 20-14 in the first quarter and 15-13 in the second quarter for the 35-27 first half lead before Beloit came back to outscore 14-11 in the third quarter and 19-10 in the fourth quarter for the 60-56 win.

"It was a great team win for us against a good team," said Beloit Coach Ryan Eilert. "Bryce played one of his best games of the year controlling the paint in the second half and scoring for us. All our guys battled in the second half and played well."

Against Southeast of Saline, Beloit won the opening tipoff in the first quarter and Hudson Gray landed the first two points for the 2-0 lead. Bryce Mason scored on the putback and Southeast answered for the 4-2 Beloit lead at the 6:30 mark. Another Southeast score tied up the game before they took the lead at 6-4 on the next 4-0 run.

Grant Arasmith added a bonus point to keep Beloit within one, but Southeast landed the inside shot for the 8-5 lead. Vincent Palen walked to the line for an added shot to close the gap before a steal ended with Mason tying up the game at 8-8 with 4:12 on the clock.

Bryant Banks landed his forth point for the Southeast two point lead and was sent to the line for a failed attempt and the 10-8 lead. Beloit took advantage on the next turnover as Mason landed the inside shot to tie up the game 10-10 at the 2:12 mark.

A key triple by Eli Sawyers took over the lead at 13-10 and Aaron Kitchener added a two point shot for the 15-10 lead. Nakari Palmer added two but Carson Cox answered with two as Beloit trailed 17-12. Gray and Kitchener exchanged the last two shots and Beloit ended the quarter trailing 20-14.

Mason opened the second quarter with a blocked shot for Beloit's possession but a play would not transpire. Both teams held each other off the boards until Seth Ekland landed the Southeast two at the 5:00 mark. Owen Eilert answered with the two point jump shot for Beloit and followed with the key triple on a solo 5-0 run to pull Beloit back within three 22-19 at the 4:15 mark.

Jaxson Gebhardt landed the layup for Southeast and Ekland connected on a triple for the next 5-0 run and the 27-19 lead at the 3:24 mark as Beloit Coach Ryan Eilert called the needed time out.

Mason returned to score on the turnaround jump shot to keep Beloit within six and Palen landed the layup for the Beloit 4-0 run to come back 27-23.

Southeast landed the next triple for the 30-23 score and Banks aded the two point shot for the 32-23 lead with less than a minute of play remaining. Gebhardt landed the next key triple and Mason landed the inside shot before Palen landed the last two bonus points as Beloit trailed 35-27 to end the first half.

Beloit came back within one point in the third quarter after trailing by as much as 12 points but Southeast poured on the points in the end for the five point lead.

Palen hit a triple and Gray a two pot shot to pull back within three points 35-32 at the start of the third quarter. Eklund added a triple for the 38-32 score before Palen retaliated once more with a drive to the bucket and a chance at the line. Mason followed with the offensive rebound off the missed free throw shot to pull Beloit back within two points 38-36 at the 4:48 mark. Arasmith made it a one point game at the free throw line at 38-37.

Southeast exchanged buckets with Mason for the one point trail at 40-39 before Sawyers landed the next two and the 42-39 lead. Banks added on the next two and Palen landed the jumper for the 44-41 Beloit trail at the 1:25 mark.

Eli Harris was sent to the line at the buzzer for an added two bonus points as Southeast extended their lead 46-41.

Gray opened the fourth quarter with the key triple to pull Beloit back within two 46-44 and grabbed the defensive rebound for the added chance at the bucket. Banks answered with his first triple for the 49-44 score at the 6:15 mark and Arasmith answered with Beloit's next two point play.

Cox pulled down the next rebound for Beloit and Mason added the two point shot for the 49-48 Beloit trail. Palen then landed the layup to pull Beloit in the lead at the 3:52 mark at 50-49. Palen continued to make way to the line for the next two bonus points for the 52-49 lead and Mason grabbed the defensive rebound. Cox ended the play with the layup and drew the foul for the three point play as Beloit upped their lead 55-49 at the 3:01 mark.

Sawyers landed the long two point shot for Southeast to close the gap on Beloit's 55-51 lead at the 1:56 mark before Gray found Arasmith down low for the two point layup and the 57-51 lead.

Mason was grabbing the rebounds for Beloit's added chances at the bucket and with just :38 seconds remaining Cox added a free shot for the 58-52 lead. Gebhardt landed the last two free shots for Southeast and with just :19 seconds remaining the game was at a four point deficit with Beloit leading 58-54. Palen walked to the line with :16 on the clock for two free shots and Banks drove to the bucket as the clock ran down and Beloit defeated and avenged Southeast 60-56 after their earlier season overtime loss 69-66 to the Trojans of purple and white.

Leasing Beloit in scoring was Vincent Palen with 18 points followed by Bryce Mason with 16. Hudson Gray scored 9 points; Grant Arasmith and Carson Cox 6 apiece; Owen Eilert 5.

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