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Beloit ends season Regional game to Scott City

The Beloit Trojans ended their season at Scott City on Friday during the 3A Regional football playoffs as they faced their opponents for the second time this season. The Beavers defeated Beloit earlier in a 55-12 contest and now up their season undefeated at 10-0 after Friday's win. They advance to Sectional play on Friday to face Andale who is also undefeated at 10-0 after their win over Chapman.

Beloit finish their season at 6-4 and will loose eight seniors for next years roster including Hayden Budke, Tate Ahlvers, Zach Meier, Hudson Smith, Reid Behrends, River Paul, Colin Chandler and Gavin Beaumont.

"Our kids stepped up and won a playoff game for the first time in five years," said Beloit Coach Brad Gober. "I can’t thank the seniors enough for what they gave to this program in their careers and especially the last two years with me. Unfortunately the year ended earlier than we had hoped. Scott City is a great team and I would not be shocked if they win the 3A state title. 3A is the deepest classification in Kansas.”

The Trojans suffered early season losses with players due to injuries, which plagued them once again on Friday as Ahlvers and Lucas Mong were unable to suit up.

Scott City was able to out score Beloit 27-0 in the first half but the Beloit Trojan defense held them back from just inside the one yard line score in the second quarter and again in the second half. Several penalty calls helped set up Scott City for the scores and continued to plague both teams in the second half.

Beloit received the opening kickoff as senior Hudson Smith carried to the Trojan 19 yard line to set up the first play of the game for a 1st and 10. After a series of short gains, Beloit was forced to punt as Vincent Palen kicked long and Scott City gained possession at their own 15 yard line.

Scott City quarterback Wyatt Hayes took on the first team run as the Trojans suffered the first penalty of the game. Hayes followed for a 71 yard touchdown, but an offensive face mask penalty on the Beavers, called him back. Junior Hunter Yager was stopped by Hayden Budke on the next carry before Hayes broke through for another long 70 yard run, called good this time, for the first touchdown of the game. The extra point was kicked through and at the 8:09 mark, Scott City led 7-0.

The Beloit offensive line blocked strong for Budke on the next Trojan possession for a carry to the 47 yard line. Carson Cox gained yards and eventually carried past the Scott City 30 for a 1st and 10 to set up Beloit at the 27. Smith and Cox teamed up on gained yards, but another Trojan penalty pushed them back to the 35. Quarterback Grant Arasmith threw for some short gains before being sacked at the Beloit 15 for a regained Scott City football at the 4:48 mark.

Another Beloit penalty gained Scott City to the 2 yard line and for an eventual Hayes second touchdown run. Beloit senior Trase McQueen executed the blocked kick and Scott City led the game at 13-0 at the 2:26 mark and into the quarter change.

Smith carried for the 1st and 10 to the 27 yard line at the start of the second quarter. Arasmith carried for several gains before flags were thrown for the opponents interference penalty for a 2nd down and 8. After several gains to the 45, Scott City regained possession.

The Trojans defense held strong as Reid Behrends and Carson Cox stopped the Scott City runs. Junior Kyler Vayle executed two huge straight tackles with the second being a quarter back sack for a 4th and 12 forcing their opponents to punt.

Beloit regained possession at the 19 yard line for a 1st and 10 but a Trojan fumble set up Scott City at Beloit's 23 yard line.

Once again the Trojan defense worked the field as Creighton Johnson, River Paul and Palen made major stops before Scott City worked their way to a 2nd and goal at the 6 yard line. Beloit suffered an offside penalty and the Beavers were set on the 3. Hayes scored his third touchdown run and at the 6:25 mark, Scott City led 20-0.

Beloit was set at their own 20 on the kick off but possession was short lived at the 5:40 mark as a Scott City Yager interception them up at the Trojans 10 yard line.

Beloit defense retaliated as their opponents gained to the 1 yard line for a 3rd and goal with a final Smith push back to keep them off the board.

Trojan offense regained with 2:56 remaining in the first half, just shy of their own 4 yard line. Several incomplete passes with no gain, forced a Palen punt and Smith quickly tackled for a Scott City 33 yard placing. Budke and Johnson teamed up on the next stop before a Beloit holdlng penalty set up Scott City on the Trojans 13 yard line.

Scott City was the next team to make the flags fly with a procedure penalty pushing them back to the 17 with 1:25 remaining. Palen broke up the next pass for the opponents no gain, but Hayes broke loose on the following play for a 15 yard touchdown run, his fourth of the game. The extra point was called good and Scott City extended their lead, 27-0.

Beloit ran the last play, placed on the Scott City 30 yard line and Cox gained to the 48 with just seconds remaining. The buzzer ended the first half with a gain to the 37 as Beloit entered the locker room trailing, 27-0.

Colin Chandler started the third quarter with the opening kick off to the Scott City 12 as they carried to the 34.

The Trojan defense held down their opponents as Trase McQueen quickly made some key tackles and a Scott City holding penalty forced the punt for a Beloit possession.

Smith carried to the opponents 43 yard line and Cox gained yards as a Scott City face mask penalty placed Beloit at the 48. After some short gains, the Trojans turned the ball over on downs.

Scott City took over at their own 41 yard line but not before Cox and Paul teamed up for some lost yard tackles. A Beloit face mask penalty on he following play placed their opponents on the 47 at the 6:37 mark.

A repeat play from the first half placed Scott City for a 1st and goal at the 3 yard line but Beloit defense held strong for a no short yardage score.

The Trojans possession at the their own 5 yard line was short lived as they were forced to punt after a loss on downs. Scott City's placing was in their favor this time around as Hayes scored his fifth touchdown. The field goal was good and Scott City led 34-0 with 2:37 on the clock.

Smith made the kickoff catch at the15 and gained to the 25 on Beloit's next possession. A Trojan penalty flag of lost yards placed them back to their own 17 yard line. Arasmith carried to the 35 for a 1st down at the 2:20 mark. He gained to the 47 with :36 seconds remaining. His pass was completed to Smith for a placing on Scott City's 26 and a Beloit 1st and 10 as the teams switched sides.

Smith gained to the 21 for a 2nd down and 5 to open the fourth quarter. After gains to the 13 yard line, Beloit turned over the ball at the 8:27 mark.

With 5:24 showing, Scott City fumbled the ball on the snap and Chandler recovered for the Beloit possession. Arasmith threw a 38 yard pass to Palen in the endzone for the Trojan's first score of the game. Chandler made good on the field goal and Beloit trailed 34-7 with 3:41 remaining in the game.

Chandler kicked off to the Scott City 20 yard line as they carried to the 30 on the next play. Paul and Chandler continued to make the tackles forcing a turnover on lost downs.

With 1:20 remaining, Beloit was placed at their own 38. The Trojan pass was intercepted and Scott City regained at the 1:05 mark. As the clock ran down, Beloit closed their season with the 34-7 loss to Scott City in round two of the Regional playoff contest.

“I am proud of our kids and how we battled all year including tonight," said Gober. "We faced an unreal amount of adversity with regards to injuries."

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