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Beloit Flyers compete at Clay Center in numbers

CLAY CENTER – The Beloit Flyers Youth Track Club had 17 athletes participate in the Clay Center Youth Track Meet May 4. Competing for the Beloit Flyers were: Abram Bletscher, Ashton Bletscher, Addison Budke, Katana Gilley, Edward Horinek, Simeon Horinek, Kohler Isbell, Brody Litton, Landry Litton, Autumn Lorenz, Kael Rabe, Kaden Rabe, and Armando Salcido of Beloit, Braxton Collins, Jaxson Collins, Grayson Stephens, and Sydney Stephens of Concordia.

Age groups were Group 1-Kindergarten and Below, Group 2-1st and 2nd Grade, Group 3-3rd and 4th Grade, Group 4-5th and 6th Grade.

The team members placed in their individual events as follows:

Abram Bletscher-Group 1 Boys- (4th Place) Softball Throw 42'11", (5th Place) 50m 10.54, (8th Place) Long Jump 6'4"

Ashton Bletscher-Group 4 Boys- (2nd Place) 75m Hurdles 14.88, (2nd Place) Turbo Javelin 55'5", (3rd Place) Long Jump 12'2"

Addison Budke-Group 4 Girls- (1st Place) Shot Put 30'10.5", (3rd Place) 200m 32.61, (5th Place) Long Jump 12'9"

Katana Gilley-Group 1 Girls- (1st Place) 50m 10.10, (1st Place) 100m 20.49, (1st Place) Long Jump 8'6"

Edward Horinek-Group 4 Boys- (2nd Place) 400m 1:14.62, (2nd Place) 800m 2:42.90, (2nd Place) Long Jump 13'05"

Simeon Horinek-Group 2 Boys- (1st Place) 800m 3:19.29, (3rd Place) 200m 39.98, (4th Place) 100m 17.44

Kohler Isbell-Group 3 Boys- (1st Place) Shot Put 27'4", (1st Place) Turbo Javelin 62'3", (1st Place) Discuss 72'3.75"

Brody Litton-Group 4 Boys- (1st Place) Shot Put 25'9", (2nd Place) Discuss 55'0", (4th Place) Turbo Javelin 45'0"

Landry Litton-Group 3 Girls- (2nd Place) Shot Put 13'4", (5th Place) Long Jump 8'2"

Autumn Lorenz-Group 4 Girls- (1st Place) Turbo Javelin 65'3', (4th Place) Long Jump 12'11', (4th Place) 100m 14.93

Kael Rabe-Group 1 Boys- (2nd Place) 50m 9.82, (2nd Place) 100m 19.28, (2nd Place) Long Jump 8'6.5"

Kaden Rabe-Group 4 Boys- (3rd Place) 400m 1:18.59, (6th Place) 200m 36.11, (6th Place) Long Jump 10'11"

Armando Salcido-Group 4 Boys- (1st Place) 200m 27.33, (1st Place) 100m 13.15, (1st Place) Long Jump 15'6.5"

Braxton Collins-Group 4 Boys- (4th Place) Discuss 25'2", (4th Place) Shot Put 14'1.5"

Jaxson Collins-Group 3 Boys- (3rd Place) Long Jump 8'3.75", (3rd Place) Shot Put 14'2", (5th Place) Turbo Javelin 28'6"

Grayson Stephens-Group 4 Boys- (1st Place) 1600m 6:01.72, (2nd Place) 200m 31.21, (3rd Place) 100m 14.34

Sydney Stephens-Group 2 Girls- (1st Place) 400m 1:23.17, (5th Place) Long Jump 9'0", (5th Place) 200m 39.41

Competing in the Group 4 Boys 4x100 Relay were two teams from the Beloit Flyers (mixed gender teams run as a boys team), they were;

Group A-Addison Budke, Autumn Lorenz, Grayson Stephens and Lundyn Knight-(2nd Place) 59.18

Group B-Ashton Bletscher, Edward Horinek, Kaden Rabe and Armando Salcido-(1st Place) 58.59

The Beloit Flyers are coached by Chad Lorenz, Corey Isbell and Jacque Dunstan.

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