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Trojans of Southeast leave Beloit scoreless

GYPSUM – The Beloit High School Trojan football team traveled to Gypsum to take on the Southeast of Saline Trojans of purple and white on Sept. 11, after a first season loss to Republic County last Friday. Beloit added on another loss as Southeast took an early lead in the first quarter and the 12-0 first half score. The Trojans of Southeast continued to gain for the 18-0 lead in the third quarter that held for the final score of the game. Beloit is now 0-2 going into this Friday night's Senior Night contest against Concordia. The Panthers defeated Abilene 42-0 on Friday.

Braden Burks received the first kickoff for Beloit as the Trojans started the opening quarter at their own 26 yard line and a gain of three on the first play by Benson Berndt. A loss of one and a quick stop led to a forced punt after just three plays.

Brycn Corbett kicked off long but sophomore Michael Murray gained to Beloit's 33 yard line for Southeast. Branson Hiserote stopped the following play for Beloit and the 2nd and 10 before senior Bryant Banks rushed on the next 7 yards to the 25 yard line placement.

Southeast' senior Jaxson Gebhardt ran on a quarterback keeper and on the next two drives to the 10 yard line on the 3rd and 2 that led to Banks crossing the endzone for the early 6-0 lead at the 7:17 mark. Beloit's Grady Seyfert and Branson Hiserote denied the extra point conversion for the Southeast six point lead.

Anthony Henke received the kickoff for the Beloit placement on the 34 yard line as Berndt rushed for the next 4 yards. Berndt rushed 2 to the 40 yard line and he quickly rushed through on Seyfert and Braden Burks' opening gap for the next 1st and 10 at the 5:28 mark. Southeast of Saline retaliated on the next group tackle for the Trojan 4 yard loss but the Trojan opponents received a penalty on off sides for the gain to the 41 yard line at the 4:11 mark. On the 3rd and 8, Beloit committed the next penalty for another loss as Beloit was held to the 42 yard line on a 3rd and 13 with 3:06 on the clock. A lost attempt on the throw forced a punt to place Southeast on their own 16 yard line off another Corbett long punt.

Beloit's Brennan Walker quickly tackled for a loss on the first moving play and Hunter Prochaska, Seyfert and Burks held their opponents once again for no gain on the 3rd and 11 at the 1:43 mark.

Southeast committed the next penalty flag and Owen Eilert made the next key interception for Beloit but a holding penalty reversed the call and gave Southeast the 10 yard gain. Beloit Trojan's defense held strong for a loss of 4 for the next Southeast short punt.

Beloit was placed on the Southeast 45 yard line for the 1st and 10 with just :50 remaining in the first quarter. On the 2nd and 6, and no gain, sides were quickly switched for the start of the second quarter.

A 3rd and 5 starting play led Berndt to the Southeast 37 yard line and a penalty flag moved Beloit to the 32 yard line for a 1st and 10. Another holding penalty moved Beloit back on a 1st and 20 at the 10:42 mark at the 42 yard line. Southeast defense continued to push back the Trojans and at the 3rd and 23, Chancellor gained on a two yard pass and run before the Beloit six play turnover.

Corbett's punt placed Southeast on their own 15 yard line at the 9:23 mark and the Trojans of Beloit held strong for the 3rd and 10 remaining placement. A Gebhardt pass to junior Chase Poague, led to the 42 yard line move on the the next 1st and 10 at the 8:25 mark and the quarterback keeper led to the 45 yard line. Murray's catch took Southeast to the 48 yard line for another 1st and 10 with 7:23 on the clock.

Cameron Konkel and Hiserote quickly stopped the next play for Beloit and Henke made the solo tackle to hold Southeast for a 3rd and 9 but a pass to senior Tyler Breeding, placed Southeast on the 14 yard line at the 5:23 mark. On a 2nd and 6, Henke made another no gain hit, and Gebhardt's gain was shortlived after a 5 yard penalty leading to a 15 yard placement at the 3:50 mark on the 4th and 10.

Gebhardt redeemed himself as he threw a sidearm into the end-zone to Banks and Southeast converted on a 4th and 11 for the 12-0 lead with 3:42 remaining in the first half. Beloit's senior Asa Carr, denied the PAT for the holding six point play.

Henke ran the kickoff receive to their own 38 yard line start and an incomplete pass led to the 2nd and 10.

Southeast defense stopped the Trojans of Beloit and with 2:30 showing, another forced punt landed for Gebhardt's run to Southeast's own 47 yard line. Prochaska sacked the quarterback for a loss on the play on a 3rd and 11 at the 2:01 mark but Beloit jumped offsides for a costly penalty. A false start evened out the mistake for a Southeast loss and with 1:30 on the clock, Hiserote wrapped up the runner for the Trojan stop.

A turnover on downs with just :34 seconds remaining in the first half led Beloit to a placement on the 50 yard line for the 1st and 10. Berndt gained but a false start penalty led to a 3rd and 11 with :19 on the clock. Henke gained to the 45 yard line but the clock ran out as Southeast of Saline led the game 12-0 going into the locker room.

A Corbett kickoff led Southeast on their own 30 yard line for the start of the third quarter. Gebhardt was stopped by Seyfert and Hiserote for a loss of 2 on the first play and junior Jackson Rexroat stopped the next play at the 38 on the 3rd and 2.

Another flag plagued Southeast for the next penalty that was declined as Beloit took over on the punt at their own 32 yard line and the 10:47 mark. Beloit was held until Owen Eilert ran on a quarterback keeper for the next 4 yards and the Trojan's next forced punt.

Prochaska chased down the receiver to hold Southeast on their own 36 yard line at the start of their drive. Walker, Henke and Prochaska tackled for a loss of Southeast 3 yards on the 2nd and 13 but Gebhardt's throw to Poague gained for a 1st and 10 at the 7:33 mark at the Beloit's 39. Banks carried to the 22 before a Chancellor tackle and Eilert tackled on the 17 yard line gain.

Walker stopped the next play on the 3rd and 5 at the 5:38 mark. Gebhardt's snap was loose but he regained control for the throw to Murray for the Trojan of Southeast touchdown. The PAT pass was deflected and no good as Southeast extended their lead 18-0 with 5:23 remaining.

The Beloit kickoff return by Henke led to their own 48 yard line placement for a 1st and 10. Beloit senior Tristan Thompson, carried for 6 yards on the Eilert pass to the Southeast' 44 yard line at the 3:54 mark. The play sadly ended on a fumble and also with Seyfert being helped off the field with a leg injury.

Prochaska stopped the Southeast offense on the start of their next possession and they were called with a delay of game for their next loss to the 41 yard line. Asa Carr made the next stop for Beloit and Braden Burks made the solo tackle as Southeast was placed on the 45 with 2:11 on a lost possession.

Beloit was placed at their own 29 yard line but the Southeast defensive line stopped the Trojans of Beloit cold. After an incomplete pass, Henke took the quarterback possession and ran for the next gain to the 35 yard line before the Trojan punt to Southeast 31 yard line placement with just :50 remaining. Another Southeast penalty flag placed them on their own 15 yard line for the next loss and a running clock to end the quarter play.

Berndt carried for a gain of 11 to start the fourth quarter play and on the 2nd and 12, Eilert threw a nice pass that was missed for the 3rd and 11. Chancellor made the following catch for the 7 yard gain to the 26 yard line on the 4th and 4.

Southeast quickly executed the interception at the 9:11 mark for the placement at their own 5 yard line. Breeding was stopped by Carr at the 20 yard line on a pass for the 1st and 10. After a series on no gains, Southeast punted to Beloit's 40 yard line but another punt quickly followed for the Southeast possession.

A Southeast bad sportsmanlike penalty (as they led by 18 points in a scoreless game) pushed the team to their own 17 yard line with 5:09 on the clock and after lost yards and no gain, another punt – 6th in the game, was put into play.

Beloit was placed on the 37 yard line off a Berndt carry and another long carry to the 46 followed at the 3:45 mark. Eilert handed off to Berndt for the next 49 yard placement and a 1st and 10.

On the 3rd and 8 play, Southeast committed yet another offsides penalty for Beloit's gain to Southeast 42 yard line with 2:02 on the clock. Beloit returned the favor with the next penalty to lose what they gained to the 47 yard line and yet another punt – the 8th of the game, was put into place.

Banks ran on the next Southeast carry with 1:32 running down on the clock. After a short series of plays, Southeast of Saline ended with the final 18-0 victory as Beloit took on their second loss of the season.

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