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Digital class returns student’s creativity

Putting the C into informational videos

As the new school year begins, so too will anxious students that will return to the Mrs. Josie Burke's class of Digital Media Design and Production.

Burke graduated from St. John's Catholic High School in 2006 and then attended Cloud County Community College were she received her associates in early childhood education. She worked at the Early Learning Center in Beloit for five years. Burke then worked at the North Central Kansas Technical College as Administrative Assistant of the Dean of Student Services. She decided to further her education at Fort Hays State University for her Bachelors in Business Education and took a job at St. John's where she taught for two years while pursuing her Masters in Education. She finished her undergraduate and graduate programs online.

Burke is now in her third year at Beloit High and is married to Chuck Burke. They have three children, Charlie, Halle and Quincy.

The newly added course digital class is offered to the sophomores through senior classes. First year students say they enjoyed the class and look forward to being able to return to learn even newer technology.

Burke says the class prepares students in: project management and collaboration; design and creative thinking and research and communication.

"This course is intended to engage learning in the field of Digital Media with hands-on projects and “real world” activities. It is based upon the development of a specific set of skills that would be required in the field of Digital Media. Students utilize digital media production tools such as; Adobe Creative Cloud, Green Screen, GoPro, Drone, and Video Camera. These tools are utilized to create productions for but not limited to, the local Cunningham TV station (still working on uploading to this channel -- channel 166 on Cunningham cable), Game Day Videos for athletic teams (twitter), short videos highlighting accomplishments of the Beloit Schools (YouTube), and a final project of a creating a promotional video to be utilized as a tool for Beloit High in areas such as; new families, new incoming students, new employees, and student orientations."

Burke taught Science Technology Engineering and Math STEM last year. As another science teacher was hired the digital class was added along with graphic design.

Last years class had 20 students that went through the Adobe Premier program, Video Editing Software along with Adobe After Effects to be able to create different videos.

On sports game days, the class put their expertise to the test as they created different game day projects. Principal Casey Seyfert would post them on Twitter and included events such as Homecoming highlights to get the students interested in attending. The students then began a school promotional video, day and the life in high school, to promote all of the schools club activities.

Beloit High received a Dane Hansen grant to purchase a Go-Pro and Green Screen. They also have two HP Sprout computers that allow students to seamlessly edit film for creation of videos.

"I think the students really enjoy it," said Burke. "They attend the games, see different views from the sidelines, and team up to use the different technologies. They get to be very creative."

One of the students assignments was to make their own video, such as summer vacations, some football highlights, videos of family pictures or graduation videos.

"We have completed different videos for community projects as well," Burke said. "Such as for 4-H promotionals."Not only do the students enjoy doing the videos, but the coaches enjoy their games getting out their in a creative way."

Beloit High School students are provided the ability to showcase their school in a proud manner as they have added unique video to the district website.

"I think they really enjoy the finished projects after being able to see them displayed on social media," said Burke. "It has also inspired them to further their education in the fields of computer science through the programming side of it with digital media (film making).

To view the short 10 second Twitter videos or up to five minute videos on YouTube, they can be found on the Twitter (district site and on YouTube.

"I learn new things right along with the students and so I really enjoy that," said Burke. "I have utilized the Marvel effects and others from watching movies and such. This class is unlimited on creativity and I look forward to sharing it with the students."

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