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Husband talking to my best friend

Dear Annie:I own a bar with my best friend. We work great together. I've been married for five years, and yesterday, my business partner showed me messages from my husband. He gave her his phone number and said if she ever wants to talk, she should call. He is in no way associated with our bar. They are friends through me. I am very upset he did this. I confronted him, and he said he was just being nice. However, I'm still mad and hurt he did this. Should I just overlook this as his being friendly, or do I have a reason to be upset? -- Aggravated

Tone down the tambourine

I attend a small church where the congregation does not exceed 12 members. So on any given Sunday, there are at least nine of us in attendance, including the pastor and first lady. We follow the government recommended COVID-19 social distance guidelines.

Worth the time..........

Dear Annie:He works two full-time jobs and has several younger children. He has so many responsibilities financially that he is stretched thin. I have never been invited inside his home. I have been outside the house, but that is it. I tell him almost everything, while he keeps most things bottled up. That is the biggest problem with our relationship. I try to discuss this, but he sweeps it under the rug.

Dear Annie

My husband has been insulin dependent for 56 years and must avoid COVID-19, so I have stayed at home during the past 10 months, away from people as well. One morning, I wrote how I felt and then decided to post it on Facebook. I was right -- many people were feeling the same way. The responses I received were so heartwarming. The ones from my son, who is 40, and from a friend for 50 years were my favorites. Here's my post:


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