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Demanding to be No. 1

Dear Annie: I had been living with a widowed man for over a year. After COVID-19 hit, his grown son and his son's then-girlfriend started coming over every weekend. I am talking about arriving on Friday and staying until Sunday. They have an hourand-a-half drive home, and they leave so he can go to work.

Ditch the Two-Timer

Dear Annie:I met this guy, "Bill," through work. We hit it off. He'd told me he was single. Later, I found out through a mutual colleague that Bill had a girlfriend, "Julie," a divorced lady with two kids, but he wouldn't be able to marry her because his family wouldn't approve their marriage. So, I confronted him. He stated that she was not his girlfriend and that our colleague made the whole story up. Bill and I started dating, and, after a while, I found out that he was still seeing this lady and hanging out with her. I confronted him again, and he stated that it's not going anywhere with her, and she knows that, too. I do not believe that. I think, deep inside, she thinks she is dating a loyal guy and is waiting for him to propose any minute.and I are in our early 70s.

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: My wife and I are a retired elderly couple living in a ranch-style home. Over the last four years, my wife has had some health issues and is limited in what she can do. I have been more or less a caregiver, doing all the chores around the house, such as cleaning, washing clothes, cooking and shopping.

Finding joy in having a friend

I am a 47-year-old married woman with two teenagers. I have a good marriage, although my husband is a difficult person to live with. He has mild OCD, is moody and has a temper. He is driven at work and, though respected in our community, is never romantic or thoughtful. He would never cheat on me, but he takes me for granted.


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