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Prioritizing health checkups

I lost my wife to cancer two weeks ago after a two-year battle, with surgery and radiation treatments. I just saw a story on the news about how, in America, fewer and fewer people are getting regular wellness checks. There are a variety of reasons why. I ask that you implore your large readership to get annual checkups, especially related to cancer. My wife put off the doctor's appointment for months thinking her jaw pain was related to her teeth.

Is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Enough?

Dear Annie: I am not optimistic about the plastic pollution of our planet. I remember a time when plastic did not exist and we managed OK with glass, tin cans, foil, paper, cardboard (waxed for dairy) and something called cellophane. Now everything comes in plastic. Even cans have plastic labels, and glass bottles have plastic caps.

Abusive daughter-in-law

I'm a very concerned mother of a 30- year-old son, "Jesse," who's in an abusive relationship with his girlfriend "Adriana." They share a newborn child together. Adriana is divorced. Not long ago, her ex-brotherin-law physically attacked Jesse, because Jesse exposed the secret affair that Adriana and her former brother-in-law had been having. I'm convinced that she is a narcissist. She has caused so much unnecessary grief, having Jesse arrested under false pretenses, manipulating the law to fit her sick, twisted selfishness and greed.

Look up and soak in the wonder

I've seen lots of parents (or babysitters) gabbing on the phone as they push strollers or baby carriages. The tots are getting no attention. Once, I saw a large dog, unleashed and apparently unaccompanied, dash up to a youngster in a stroller. Happily, the dog meant no ill and simply gave the child a big, slobbery kiss. And the stroller's pusher? She missed the entire incident.

What would Mom want?

People often write to you about their abusive parents. I have a different problem: I was mean to, belligerent toward and critical of my mother. It started long before I was a teenager, but it definitely got worse during those years. I thought I hated her.


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