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Dear Annie

I've been married to a narcissist, controlling, antisocial man for 15 years. I am "Frank's" third wife, and he is my second husband. He has two adult children on their own, and I have two children still in college.

Anonymous helpers may scare seniors

I am a 77-year-old woman, recently transplanted after 50 years in a different city and province. Due to COVID-19, I am really isolated -- alone in my apartment 99% of the time. I go out once a week to shop, and every two or three weeks I'll go to the laundry room. Four generations of my family live in a triplex. I live in a building with 400 apartments and probably more than 2,000 people, ranging from seniors to large families to university students. I don't want to put my family in danger coming near me! Senior services are available, but I like to choose my own food.


Beloit Call

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