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Dad worried about daughter’s relationship

Dear Annie: My 26-year-old daughter is in a serious relationship with a partner 10 years her senior. He comes to the partnership with an established home. What would you advise my daughter to expect or require going into this marriage-like arrangement? Should she expect to be put on the house deed as soon as they are married? What would be fair for all concerned? She is just beginning her career, so she is presently renting but saving for a home. -- Troubled Dad

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: We are fortunate to finally own lake property. We are thrilled! We have worked hard, and still work hard, to afford this luxury. We also like to have guests, but please, guests, be on your best manners and observe common courtesies. When you come and stay the weekend with us, bring your own beach towels, swimsuits and food and beverages (not only for yourself but also to share with others), as well as anything else you might need.

Looking to demolish this relationship

Dear Annie: My husband is in his late 50s and works in road construction. Every time that he is assigned to a job that lasts at least six to eight weeks, he always seems to start trying to pick up a female co-worker, usually in the age range of 25 to 35. He will buy them cigarettes and lunch and drinks and is super sweet to them. He texts them all day and always tells them how beautiful they looked that day. And to every single one of these women, he at some point says: "Ever since I've met you. I've really come out of my shell. Thank you."


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