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Stifling Ex

Dear Annie: I have a dilemma. My ex-husband, who is the father of our two children (ages 16 and 17), always seems to end up back in my day-to-day life. He has stayed with me at least four times since we have been divorced. He always gets me with a sob story about why he needs to stay at my house with me and the kids.

Affairs of the heart.........

Dear Annie:My husband had an emotional affair with his boss. He texted her, called her and tried to go out with her. She did not reciprocate and, as far as I know, kept it strictly business. He told her his feelings, but she told him she was not interested. He quit his job after that but continued to text her, asking her to go out. She didn't reply.

Teaching gratitude to tots

Many of the letters to you complain of ungrateful children and adults who don't send thank-you's, don't call, or who are otherwise ungrateful. Too often, children (aka future adults) are taught to be takers, not givers, so they don't build habits of giving, giving back, or sending replies. Let's change that. Starting early, let's teach children to feel joy as givers themselves. Teach youngsters to pack up a few of their too-small, but clean clothes, outgrown or neglected toys, already-completed puzzles, etc., and let them hand them go with you to drop them off at a local donation center or shelter in need. Designate a box for donations to always have somewhere in your house. When they receive a gift, help them write a thank you, help a tot to include inside a thank you a smiling face picture they have drawn.


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