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Dear Annie

Dear Annie: My neighbor "Charlie" is a chatterbox. He only works part-time and is home for the day by 11 a.m. For most of the afternoon, he hangs out in his front yard, talking to passersby. Anytime I run into him, it turns into a 20-minuteplus rambling conversation about all sorts of topics and people I don't know. I avoid taking out the trash some nights because I don't want to get stuck outside talking to him. Sometimes, I peek outside, see he's not there and think the coast is clear -- but then he rushes outside once I do. His family has a motionactivated "smart" security camera on the front of their house that I set off going down my driveway.

Dear Annie

I am a 71- year-old husband, father and grandfather. I have a wonderful wife, five children (three are step-children), and grandchildren whom I love very much. However, in my distant past were some very dark and hurtful times. They involved a divorce, an estranged daughter due to the divorce and the crushing feeling that I was not the honorable man I'd thought I was.

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: This is in response to your column concerning people who wanted to notify authorities about their neighbors' children playing together during COVID-19 times. I would say that if they are not invading your space, leave them alone. You have the right to selfisolate and will be protected if you do so.


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