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Dear Anne

Every year, my sister organizes a family reunion, which is held at a local botanical garden the weekend after Labor Day. She reserves the location and coordinates the food. There are usually 60-70 people, and the adults are assigned to "setup," "serving" or "teardown/cleanup" crews.

Words, words, words

Dear Annie: What is the protocol when a dear friend repeatedly uses an incorrect word or incorrectly pronounces something when speaking to you? For instance, recently, my friend was speaking of the proper "protocol" for visiting a doctor's office (under these pandemic conditions), but she said "portacol," which is not a word. It was not a slip of the tongue, because she repeated the word several times throughout the conversation. Since we were talking directly, and no one else was present, should I have asked something like, "Do you mean protocol?" Other times, my friend has referred to "postate" problems of relatives. How do you politely correct someone in this type of situation? Or during these trying times, do I just chill out and get a life and not sweat the small stuff? -- Wondering in Anywhere, USA

Dear Annie

My daughter, "Connie," left home when she was at 17 to join the army. I was going through a separation, and then divorce, from her father. Before leaving, she was very unruly and hard to handle. So her father and I decided to sign her up for the army since she was underage. I still had a 16-year-old son at home to raise as well.

Cut the cord................

Dear Annie: For over four years, I was with and engaged to who I believed to be an incredible man. He was smart, funny and hardworking. We had to live in two separate states for work, but I commuted as much as I could and helped with his bills. I learned six weeks ago he has been cheating on me. I told him to go be happy.

Dear Annie

Dear Annie: About six months ago, a friend confided in me that he had been sexually assaulted a year prior by a blind date. After watching an episode of "ER," we were talking about sexually transmitted infections, and he mentioned needing to get tested, which brought up the revelation of his assault. He was very straightforward about telling me and said that he had dealt with everything already and was ready to move past it. He's also had relationships and casually dated people since the assault, and he said things were completely fine.


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