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Harvest continues with bins overflowing

Corn harvest (above) southeast of Beloit in Mitchell County and surrounding areas continues as dry weather has allowed completion with some fall crops. Beloit/Asherville/Scottsville elevators report they are 55 percent complete with corn totals; 55-60 percent milo and 90 percent completed with soybean numbers. As of yesterday (Thursday) Beloit has brought in 250,000 bushels of corn and 300,000 bushels of both milo and soybeans. Asherville has taken in 80,000 bushels of corn, 150,000 of milo and 170,000 of soybeans. Scottsville has totaled 250,000 bushels of milo and 170,000 bushels of soybeans. Concordia and Jamestown combined are 75 percent complete on corn harvest with 5.2 million bushels harvested, 50 percent complete on milo at 2.3 million and 90 percent complete on soybeans with 4.8 million. Glen Elder reported 60 percent complete in corn harvest with no numbers reported, 60 percent complete in milo with 1.5 million and soybeans almost complete at 2 million harvested. Mankato elevator have brought in 90,000 bushels of corn, 170,000 of milo and 150,000 bushels of soybeans. Osborne has totaled so far, 80,000 bushels of corn, 350,000 of milo and 125,000 of soybeans. Randall is 75 percent complete with 295,000 bushels of corn, 203,000 of milo and almost complete with 303,000 bushels of soybeans. Jewell is 75 percent complete with 191,000 bushels of corn, 346,000 of milo at 75 percent complete and 521,000 bushels of soybeans. Tipton elevator reports 25,000 bushels of corn at 30 percent complete; 130,000 of milo at 20 percent complete and 240,000 of soybeans at 95 percent complete. Hunter has totaled 20,000 bushels of corn, 270,000 of milo and are 95 percent complete on soybeans at 340,000 bushels. Sharon Sahlfeld photo

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