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MCEM asks for medical supplies

BELOIT – Mitchell County Emergency Management are asking the community to help with the local medical community and first responders with the following items needed.

Supplies needed include:

*N95 masks

*Surgical masks

*Face shields

*Medical Gloves of any size

*Isolation gowns (homemade washable also accepted)preferably made with PVC coated polyester or Nylon

*Homemade masks are accepted but will be used only if that’s all we have.

*Lysol Wipes

*hand sanitizer

These items are extremely low in supply from state resources.

To donate, call 785-738-7822 or email Becky Snook, Interim Emergency Manager, at with where it can be picked up from anywhere in the county.

Snook's says they have coordinated with the local health professionals to be the point of contact to get the supplies for them and distribute through the local network so they can focus on the health of the community and have only one point of contact to get supplies.

"Please do not take them straight to the hospital or health department. We will coordinate picking up donations.

"We appreciate your commitment to helping our community and please stay home."

Beloit Call

P.O. Box 309, Concordia, Ks. 66901

Phone: 785-738-3537