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Newly re-elected county officers are sworn in

The swearing in of the newly reelected officers of the county was the main topic during Monday mornings, Jan. 11, 2021, Mitchell County Commissioners meeting. Clerk of the District Court Pam Thiessen administered the oath of office to County Clerk, Chris Treaster. Having been duly sworn in, Treaster administered the oath of office to county officials, including: Tammi Eck – Register of Deeds; Tony Perez – County Sheriff; Mark Noah – County Attorney; Jim Marshall – County Commissioner; Mike Cooper – County Commissioner.

Tom Claussen was unanimously elected as the 2021 Chairperson of the Commission.

County Clerk Chris Treaster announced she would be retiring at the end of her current term.

– Mitchell County Engineer, Stewart Porter, was present to discuss the yearly bridge inspection. Porter said the bridge report must be completed by late March or early April so it would be well to get started on the process. Porter said that four facture critical bridges were no longer on the list of Mitchell County bridges. One has been removed and three have been replaced with new bridges. Inspecting the Mitchell County bridges will cost $35,550 dollars for the two-year time period. The commissioners approved a contract with Schwab-Eaton to perform the bridge inspections.

– Six end-of-the year budget transfers were approved.

$15,000 MCO #1 from their General Budget to MCO #1 Special Equipment Fund.

$2,000 from Solomon Rapid Rural Fire Department operating fund to their Special equipment fund.

$100,000 from the Ambulance operating fund to their Special Equipment fund.

$50,000 from the Ambulance operating fund to their Capital Outlay fund.

$20,000 from the Ambulance Rescue Squad operating fund to the Special equipment fund.

$30,000 from the Mitchell County Health Department operating fund to the Mitchell County Health Department capital outlay fund.

Representatives from Glen Elder Township were present to discuss roads, bridges and tree trimming. The first item of consideration was that Glen Elder Township had arranged to have quite a few box bridges cleaned out because the county crews did not have time to do so. Because this is a job normally done by the county, the representatives were asking for reimbursement of some sort.

– Superintendent of Public Works Dale Housh, reported he had a 42-inch galvanized tube that county crews would install on the county line. He believed this would a fair trade of equal value.

They had talked with Jerry Winkle about a big cottonwood tree just west of his house that was dead and in danger of falling across the road. Housh said that the county’s new bucket truck had the reach to take down the tree and they would do so. They requested that the county trim trees adjacent to the bridges. Housh told them that the trimming of trees along township roads was a township responsibility.

Someone wanted the county or the township to remove a hedgerow a half mile long and is on private property. The commissioners said that unless it was on county property it would be the landowner’s responsibility to have the work done.

– Casey Frazier, the representative from the Foley Caterpillar dealership in Concordia stopped by to distribute his usual collection of desk calendars, wall calendars and other Caterpillar items.

– Jason Rabe, Beloit City Manager, reported that by totally mothballing the old administration building on the grounds of the old Youth Center, the city was realizing a savings of about $2,000 a month.

– The next commissioners meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 19 because of the Martin Luther King federal holiday recognition on Jan. 18.

Having addressed all the items on the printed agenda, the meeting was resumed.

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