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Smiles abundant at Hilltop Lodge parade

BELOIT – Hats off to the Hilltop Lodge Retirement Community and the wonderful staff who made happy moments for their numerous residents during the Drive-By-Party Parade held on Tuesday afternoon. And to community members who shared their time providing encouragement with signs, horns and waves.

From old antique cars, big rigs with loud horns, balloons and several heartfelt signs, the parade provided the residents time to see their loved ones' faces and others that showed they cared with over 70 attending.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mid-March, care facilities and nursing homes such as Hilltop have been in lock-down with no visitors allowed. This type of event allowed them to enjoy the nice day and to enjoy a parade right from their front yards.

Numerous signs seen from drivers were labeled with Miss You's, I Love You's, 'Happy Mother's Day, and Thank You's for Their Sacrifice'.

From the residents, they provided motivation back to the community with their big smiles and appreciation messages as Stay Strong Beloit, Hilltop Loves You, Beloit is Amazing, Thanks for your Support, Thank you to First Responders, We Are So Excited You are Here, Thanks for Coming, Hilltop Loves You, a crotchet Beloit Trojans sign and even a humorous 'We Have Toilet Paper' message.

All in all, the real true message received from both sides was one of appreciation and care for one another.

Thank you Hilltop Lodge, for providing smiles for all during a memorable sunny afternoon parade.

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