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Weather detains Blackhawk’s in Beloit

Only three H-60V Victor aircrafts in the world

Three United States Army H-60V (Victor) Blackhawk helicopters landed at the Moritz Memorial Airport after weather detained their flight plans to Salina on Wednesday afternoon.

Manager Travis Lattin says the military uses the airport for training and fuel stops about every week with most flights being in the spring and fall.

"This stop was even more impressive to see, as these helicopters are the only three in the world," said Travis.

The pilots said they were flying from Dupont, Washington to Huntsville, Alabama and were unable to make it to their next fuel stop in Salina. This made a change of plans as they were diverted to land the military aircraft in Beloit and wait for the weather to clear.

The three combat helicopters were a sight to see as they are the only aircrafts of this type in the world at this moment. Flight tests are being used to determine if they will be making more models. The aircraft can travel 130 mph and were expected to reach Salina in just 15 minutes.

As the aircraft landed in Beloit, city employees Pat Kruse and Ken Tatro were making their way back from the city landfill during work hours and decided to come back after their day had ended.

"It was pretty neat to see the helicopters," said Kruse. "There are only three in existence in the world. It was very impressive to see the aircraft up close and to meet the pilots flying them."

Both Kruse and Tatro thanked he airmen for their part in serving their country as they headed for their destination.

"It was great to meet everyone and we greatly appreciated the hospitality we received while in Beloit," said Department of the Army Civilian Training Lead/GFR Greg Shirley."

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