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State reassures safe tap water

TOPEKA – As the COVID- 19 crisis continues to develop and reports of bottled water shortages make headlines, the Kansas Water Office and Kansas Department of Health and Environment want to remind Kansans the drinking water provided by our public water supply systems is free of viruses and other pathogens.

Dear Annie

My cousin has had anger issues for years, especially toward our grandmother. A few years ago, her parents got divorced, and her dad immediately started dating another woman, with whom he now shares a

Dateless daughters

Dear Annie:We have two daughters, ages 30 and 32. They are both educated professionals. While they are completely self-sufficient financially (no debt because we paid for their higher education), we are still their "go-to" for emotional support. They are active socially with friends, colleagues and acquaintances, but neither daughter seems interested in dating. We are continually told by others that they are still "young" and that, these days, young people don't get married until their mid-30s. We get that, but if there is no interest in dating now, how is marriage going to happen in the next five years?

Prioritizing health checkups

I lost my wife to cancer two weeks ago after a two-year battle, with surgery and radiation treatments. I just saw a story on the news about how, in America, fewer and fewer people are getting regular wellness checks. There are a variety of reasons why. I ask that you implore your large readership to get annual checkups, especially related to cancer. My wife put off the doctor's appointment for months thinking her jaw pain was related to her teeth.


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