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Division I West defeats East 36-12

Due to the length of the Division II game the Division I game was delayed 30 minutes. In contrast to the morning’s Division I game, neither team was able to establish a passing game. This resulted in a fierce battle in the trenches with the offensive and defensive lineman struggling to control the line of scrimmage. The game was dominated by the defensive teams resulting more punts, turnovers and more times when the offensive team turned the ball over on downs.

The East team would hit pay dirt first when they scored at the 3:02 mark in the first quarter. The PAT failed. With time running out in the first half the West team scored to tie the game at 6-6. A successful pass for the point after put them up 8-6.

At this point the Division I teams had scored a combined total of 14 points. Earlier in the day at the same point in their game, the Division II teams had put 44 points on the scoreboard.

Early in the third quarter the East quarterback Corbin Rice scored on a 3 yard touchdown run to put his team up 12-8 The PAT pass was intercepted. The East team would not score again in the contest.

The West would score on a 3 yard run by Baxter of St. Francis to a 14-12 lead. A two yard run by the West quarterback Menges extended the West lead to 22-12.

At the end of the third quarter the West seemed well in control leading 22-12. In the fourth quarter the West would score on a short touchdown run ending a 16 play drive to go up 30-12. The final points of the game were scored when Victoria’s Cooper Windholtz intercepted a pass and returned it 30 yards to a touchdown. The point after was no good and the West was ahead 36-12. This would prove to be the final score.

While the scoreboard indicated winners and losers according to points scored, there truly were no losers. In events such as this, all the kids came away winners. Being selected for the respective teams indicated the athletes were winners. By practicing with other outstanding athletes the athletes were winners. Receiving a week’s worth of coaching by proven, veteran coaches elevated them to the status of winners. And, perhaps most importantly, the friendships created with other athletes that will last a lifetime are the biggest win of all. Regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard the event was definitely a win-win situation.

Stats include:

Division I East:

Totaled 6 first downs with 55 rushing yards, 132 passing yards

Receptions: Joshua Fielder of Udall 2-63 yards; Dakota Bayliff of Medicine Lodge 2-34 yards; Jalen Risley of Caldwell 2-7 yards; Ezra Goodman of Attica 1-20 yards; Trevin Lewis of Burlingame 1-5 yards; Corbin Rice of Calwell 1-1 yards

Leading Rushers: Seth Greenwood of Burlingame 9-28 yards; Cobin Rice of Caldwell 9-7 yards;

Leading Passers: Corbin Rice 18/10/2 for 109 yards; Austin Watts 11/1/0 for 1 yard


Tackles: Jalen Risley of Caldwell 9 solo tackles, 6 assists, 1 QB sack; JT Ohlson of Bennington 6 solo, 1 assist; Eli Basvic of Solomon 2 solo, 6 assist, 1 QB sack Austin Watts of Madison 7 solo, 4 assists; Massen McDaniel of Attica 2 solo, 4 assists, 1 fumble recovery; Joshua Fielder of Udall 3 solo, 2 assists, 1 QB sack; Garrett Burden of Medicine Lodge 3 solo, 1 assist; Jobe Fowles 2 solo, 4 assists; Clayton Cook of Central 1 solo, 4 assists; Garrett Burden of Medicine Lodge 3 solo, 1 assist; Seth Greenwood of Burlingame 1 solo; Christian Hess of South Central 1 solo

Division I West:

Totaled 21 first downs with 199 rushing yards, 168 passing yards

Receptions: Brett Liebl of Central Plains 8-124 yards; Andres Rios of Ness City 2-24 yards; Jordan Raby of St. Francis 2-17 yards; Drake Steinbrock of Clifton/Clyde 1-3 yards

Leading Rushers: Cody Baxter of St. Francis 11-64 yards; Myles Menges of Central Plains 9-46 yards; Jordan Raby 12-19 yards; Drake Steinbrock 4-30 yards

Leading Passers: Myle Menges 20/13/0 for 163 yards


Tackles: Austin Jantz of South Gray 3 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 QB sack; Spencer Bowman of Hodgeman County 4 solo, 1 interception; Karson Waters of Macksville 2 solo, 1 fumble recovery; Angel Guzman of Ness City 2 solo, 1 assist; Matt Dougherty of Little River 2 solo, 1 assist, 1 interception, 1 deflection; Cooper Windholtz of Victoria 1 solo, 2 assists, 1 interception; Myles Menges of Central Plains 1 solo, 1 assist; Cody Baxter of St. Francis 1 solo; Drew Biggs of Lincoln 2 solo; Drake Steinbrock of Clifton/ Clyde 3 assists; Mason Doll of Central Plains 2 solo, 1 assist; Andrea Rios of Ness City 1 solo; Wyatt Dreiling of Victoria 2 assists; Jarrod Dibble of Hoxie 1 solo, 1 assist

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